Buygore, a legendary label, pumping out content and pathing the way for the reputable, up and coming, and underground artists alike. Owned by the bass music icon and industry groundbreaker, Borgore, Buygore has been an outlet for so much incredible new music from all spectrums of genres and walks of life. Today, we premier an outstanding compilation that presents a lot of names that are making wakes that accelerate from the very structure of bass music as we know. Artists you may have never caught wind of, but indefinitely will in the short coming, especially if you take note of the fresh pressed “Syndicate” compilation.

This compilation presents a new outlook on modern forms of riddim, heavy dubstep, color bass, and tear out styles of electronic genres. A majority of it presents a lot of experimentation of melodic styles forming into hefty riddim patterns and melding into a greater more harmonious structure. The first track, “Midnight Thoughts“, by Proxys, takes on an intense melodic riddim vibe, just annihilating high end frequencies accompanied with a pounding percussive pattern. OVYZE with “CLARITY“, is a track much on the same structure, with a madly different flow, pertaining to a more gentle approach, that clasps on a great sadness with it’s chord progression, but with immense character and hardiness. YATIX never fails in keeping it the toughest with tension on “FALL”, a boundary busting riddim track, that presents no remorse, but we are not surprised given the artist’s history in heavy compositions. BASSGALAXY flows in the deep hertz range with his track “CHRONONAUT“, which is a complete mind melter, with a godlike sustained sub that pummels any and all audible wave intake. Ablaze meshes some Drum and Bass styles with heavy dubstep in an insane arrangement of new age sound with his plate, “High Worth“, a definite industry switch up with the norm. Future Exit and Moldae combine their savage styles into what is called “Illusional“, a track introducing anthem able lyrics crossed into a skull crushing dubstep and melodic riddim correlated transfusion. P4nda comes from the left field with that West Coast riddim groove in the track, “Panic” featuring Mc Jumanji, bringing on some foot stomping rastafari energy. And lastly, TRAWMA tops off this compilation with a tear out banger known as “FADES“, that rips the air to fractal bits, retaliating all essence of ease.

We have to give the crown to Buygore for always standing up for the silent producers, making their way in an industry saturated with an insane amount of really great talent! It’s not often artists get their chance to break ground in scene, but Buygore makes that possible, if the work is present. It’s incredibly motivating to see fresh sound pop it’s head up, and we are always looking forward to see the awakening of what is to come from the underground.

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