We drag from the depths a mighty beast that carries it’s weight with hardy frequency and a grand presence for the climb being made by the up and coming artist, Cyclops. Releasing via the GUD VIBRATIONS label, he enters a long awaited heater in which goes by the title, “UV“. Cyclops is known for taking an atypical approach when it comes to bass genres, more hugging towards the side of dubstep, but very much with a take in flow rarely heard elsewhere. He indefinitely defines his form with a blatantly distorted sub to lead underlyingly, with mid to high ranges, merely complimenting the ride of the lead sub. Let us delve into a more detailed description pertaining to the track at hand to grasp a better understanding.

Before writing UV, I had gotten pretty upset over something and found myself wanting to channel that into an aggressive track. My first thought was to distort the sub bass so much that it gives off a loud “in your face” quality. After finding the vocal line and main bass pattern the whole song came together in just a few hours. I’m really happy with how it came out and the support from bigger acts has been really rewarding to see!


Time engages into an ominous sound sphere of sort of an evil premonition wondering about an audible confusion, bring great vibes of encapsulating horror. Harsh, but short breathed claps ride the track, and briefly atone a cue of building war drums. A lyric sets on an alarm of ascending density, triggering the drop to persist. A precursor rattles in the back ground, and the main sound introduces it’s presence with an un forbearing rattle of popping mid pongs complimenting a monstrous, driving sub bass. Executed with the profound stomp of a dubstep flow, it still very much stands askew from what we classically hear from such a flow, but very well indulged upon, with no remorse to be had in groove whatsoever. Partial way through the first drop body, and transition is made into a stronger correlation of energy with an added high frequency pop, to stimulate the ride out of this drop in memory. An assertive screech synth, subtly protruding itself to slide off the end, assists to end the first drop. The ominous appeal re-enters the atmosphere, giving the break all the same characteristics as the intro. Build comes to be for the second round of chaos to approach. The flow shows more diversity in this moment, and the sub gains a wider hiss to it’s harmony. With what is too remain, elements continue to communicate until the very closing of the session.

Cyclops sends a listener into a mass array of sound psychosis. Yet another song that rings across as one of many great anthems to climb mountains of newly released music showing face this year. “UV” is a healthy intro for Cyclops entrance with his first track to present his design and motive for music to come.

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