Creating great wakes in their paths and spawning a new era of weapons for mass extinction, the UK tear out lords amend new alliances that will decimate the weak, and empower the rage filled angst of the beasts who follow alike. Nimda and Aimless teamed up to bring the “Chicken Palace” EP, releasing via Interval Audio. A four track compilation of tracks done in unison, and solo releases to show the complex design of sound, where to refer the difference they bring as individuals, and the force they show to reckon with conjoined.

The EP begins to set sights first on Nimda, with the track “Scale 5“. Tension ignites into an electric static of spherical sound, teleporting us into mystery. A faded voice howls from afar, following onto a minor riser, forwarded to commence a massive impact. Loudness cues a higher decibel, and singing begins to form from this voice, with added elements of tension and percussion. The drop proceeds, and rolls in classically to Nimda’s style with a vicious vocal sample, and the metallic one shots laying waste to the stereo scape. Defining riddim tear out with this monstrous groove, this is a handsome commencement of what is to come of this EP playing from this artists part. The guns rattle from metallic to more blunted, calling and answered to one another, like a brutal game of tennis, each player matching it’s anger. The break ensues with a slide of wide chords, and the vocals chopping outward. Tension builds once again with the subtle singing, and percussion builds for the second drop. This time the blunted sound design takes charge of lead, with a more bouncey alternative to flow, still with heavy implementation of the tear out style. Transitioning to it’s twin section, speed increases, magnifying the intensity of the entire track, leading out until it’s finish of chords.

Next, Aimless plays their part with the track “Backstabber“, to show color on this sound behalf. A breath is taken into a future sounding arpeggiator ringing louder and wider with mild ticks of hats prominent with continuity. Kicks reign with a short succession into the drop, followed with an evil vocal to set the body off proper. A guttural growling embodies the momentum of sound, with a mid section of brief zips cut between percussive elements. Conforming a classic riddim pattern to particular sound, this track stomps away in momentous glory. The sub promenades this track, really coming on the strong side. Speed picks up, and space between sound reaction increases, raising the energy threshold to top charts. The breakdown continues into the arpeggiator, in suite with the intro with arrangement of similar elements. The second body twins the first, trailing the same energy as intensely, and with bold definition. Arpeggiation exits the song to a whisper.

The the title track cues now, being the first collab of the two goliaths at hand with their track, “Chicken Palace“. Atmosphere builds very lightly some foley of electric string instruments plucking out of sequence, and a drum layer to resemble some pattern. Chords begin to form with these light glimmers of sound, panning to create space. Pads subtly intro a rising set of drums and alarm. The drop place instantaneously and convulses with a pin point, metallic bullet barrage that rains like acid, piercing all that stands in its audible way. An advanced origin of future riddim tear out, the speed demented of this track is relentless! The break slides to the base loudness, which inserts siren and a distorted sub formed to drums. The second shoves it’s way in yet again, much like the first, just shredding frequency waves to full compression. An unfamiliar, atonement brought with song, is plenty consumed by its brutality, absolutely insane. It exits with a static voice preaching.

Lastly, the second collaboration of this EP, known as “True King“, holds the vice to make a huge finally to this ear throbbing beast of an EP. It begins with voices distorting in and out, dropped in semitones, delivering some demonic message. Charging begins shortly into the introduction and drums begin to stack onto the riser. Yet another take off to bring savagery into play with this tear out monstrosity these two artists bring. The metallic echo’s of guns firing from hell go ballistic in this track, with a hearty screech bass to lead the projectiles to site. A giant marching it’s way through minds and triggering absolute rage amongst the listener, this track tops the genre standard with no hesitation. Speed picks up, and time sequence of sound becomes rapid fire, minimizing breathing room between action. A guitar riffs into the break, and the distorted voice punctuates again. A retro beat inserts into the rise, and percussion begins again. A firearm loads to release a complete unload of hellfire on to the listener, blistering with a flavorful combined sound of these two artists. Such mastery meets a pinnacle in this very moment. The end completes with the signature sound of the intro, and comes to halt.

Nimda and Aimless came in tougher than ever, and rightfully so through the proper stomping grounds that is Interval Audio. Had to take a serious breath after peeking into this warzone of sound, because it is no less than absolute chaos. Can’t wait to see what these two artists cook up next to eradicate the world with yet again.

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