It’s been a busy time over here with shows opening back up and restrictions slowly lifting, so when I finally got some time to sit down and listen to this new EP from Skybreak, I was absolutely blown away by its amazing ravey melodic nature.

Released on last week on 21 September on Slanders Heaven Sent Records, the Unity EP from Skybreak showcases a whole bunch of amazing collaborations from some awesome up and coming producers.

Unity EP, to me, represents the Unity of nature and technology. This theme spawned from a compromise of branding. Heaven Sent’s branding is very technological, with their iconic mech and gundem designs. The Skybreak project is more natural and organic, branded around deer, forests, auroras and nature as a whole. This forced us to find a halfway point, and working within this restriction yielded some pretty interesting results. It’s a theme I’ve been wanting to pull off for a while, but I think the concept shines through especially well here. I also wanted to use this amazing outlet that SLANDER has given me to showcase some of my favorite up and coming talent, so 4 out of the 5 tracks on here are collaborations.


The first track “AQUASHIFT” is a collaboration with CURE97 and starts out with rolling arps and washed out vocals. This then moves into some amazing melodic chops slowly building up to the drop which has a has a nice blend of dubstep flow with some of that colourful sound design that Skybreak is known for. The second drop leans into this even more playing around with the repetition to that riddim flow. As one of the predrop vocals says CURE97 & Skybreak are definitely controlling the transmission here, taking us on an absolute journey.

The next track is an all original song by Skybreak, called “Satellite” which starts off with a similar washed out vocal vibe, but this time over a rolling bassline that really gets the groove of the song going. Putting out a super dreamy nature into the build the song winds up into some gloriously crispy catchy future inspired flow for the drop – super freaking playful here!! The second drop just absolutely slaps taking the idea to a whole new level.

The third track, “Our Moving Picture” a collaboration with the talented Nytrix is a lyric heavy ballad type lighters up tune which, when it drops, juxtaposes melodic dubstep vibes against that newer colourful sound in an awesome way.

Into The Light“, the collaboration with Ehallz is the penultimate track for the release, featuring the amazing vocals of ALLEYCVT smoothly sailing over a lovely dreamy intro and energetic melodic drops

Rounding out the EP is a collaboration with Modus called “Visionary” which features some lush vocals from Miss Lina to start and is totally my fav track off the EP (having loved that electro vibe that used to permeate our clubs) – super well done, super clean and and has this crazy cool jazzy breakdown come out of absolutely nowhere in the middle of the tune in the best kind of way. The vocals are catchy as and the sound design is freaking next level – I love it when dubstep producers have there take on electro/housey genres as you nearly always get something amazingly special and unique.

Listen to the Unity EP below:

Connect with Skybreak:

Connect with Heaven Sent:

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