There goes to be an unspoken word of a character whom hides his identity from those of public eye proposes a new sound from a place in time of the early years of man. This mysterious being goes by the alias, JOOL, and takes a step back into his roots with the up and coming record label of newly known bass music better known to be Odio Records. These combined powers present to us the new single “Valhalla“, a resemblance of ancestors of many, with immense brutality, and such intense angers to be heard in this reflection of the past.

The setting initiates with a classically folk basis of violins and fiddles to set a legendary ambience that sparks great melody and wonderance. A sort of lute plucks in rhythm with the leading string instruments. A huff of a war cry pleads, and electric elements set into speed at a rapid piano pace, charging with galloping drums. With the ringing of synthetic pieces making motion, and faint precursor of a Turkish zurna gives radiance with the build of the drop to be. Body takes form and the drop exceeds, exerting a sound of melodic influence, matching a with a stomping, heavy dubstep protrusion. It tempers in octave through out, giving an epic atmosphere, yet keeping the emotion of the track almost a sort of gloomy vibe. Still very airy with it’s field of coverage, and overall sound layover, there is a lot of emotion to be perceived from this track. So much differential in sound design is accounted for, it’s quite impressive as to how the coordination of call and response is executed here. A secondary drop is quickly put into place, with it’s introductory rise. Even more additives are placed with this second drop to thicken the complexity of the story being projected. A tranquility falls back into flow with the break of this plate, riding with the folkly groove giving continuity to the entirety of this artistry. A third drop performs with yet another variation of sound design, more sharp and tearing this time. A reeseyness is mildly put into play here, dragging out the extension of bass notes from one percussive pound, onto the next. Pieces of noisey waves crumble in air, and distort to silence to conclude the song.

A very well pieced song, with an impressive amount of elements making resonance to and from one another to tell a story of battle and sadness. The name is fitting in the fact of the time period it represents, and with such a god like presence in talent. JOOL has indefinitely shown a level up with this Odio release, but we would expect nothing less from such a label and their disciples.

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