We are always super happy to hear about what’s going on with our friends over at FUXWITHIT – and this time they have smashed it out of the park by entering a new chapter of their existence with the recent launch of their record label!! That’s right, a FUXWITHIT record label – super dope.

The label is set to embody their Champions Of The Underground mentality by showcasing some of the best underground stars in trap and future beats. Kicking off the launch with force comes capshun’s incredible new banger “Morph“. Starting off with an amazingly enchanting intro with emotive reece bass carrying a nice distorted vocal motif, the percussion comes in really setting the groove into the drop. A great take on capshun’s signature style, the drop blends some beautiful lushness with heavy trap vibes in a nice wavey style. The second drop of the song brings us to a driving more ‘classic’ trap beat that fits super well with the tune and breaks it up in a dope way.

Morph” signifies how I am constantly changing and reworking who I am creatively. I am sure it’s needless to say but I love making a lot of different music. So to create something that is still me but even more than who I have been musically, kind of feels like I am morphing and transforming my creative spirit. I want everyone to feel all the different emotions on this one. The sadness, the joy, the HYPE, the anger and put it into perspective of the song. 

I cannot tell you how much FUXWITHIT has done for me and how much I love the FUXWITHIT team and everything they all stand for. To be the first release feels just like a full circle experience. I’m happy to be here ❤


Now with the honour of the first FUXWITHIT release, capshun has been busy, performing shows for the likes of Brownies & Lemonade and DEF Global, or releasing with tastemakers like Sable Valley and Quality Goods Records, his star continues to burn brighter with each release. The Dallas based artist has been gaining support from artists like What So Not, Boombox Cartel, The Chainsmokers, Alexander Lewis, San Holo, UZ, and is also one of the creators and curators of Bonsai, an artist collective which is quickly becoming one of the premier groups for experimental electronic music.

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