The mighty man who’s kept his relevance apparent on our media coverage. Always changing the tide and pushing the limits of the extent bass music can go in terms of variety and complexity on all realms. Cyclops delivers yet another EP this year, this time through the Gud Vibrations record label, and he fancies to call it the “Data Sequence” EP. We have done previous coverage of the reveal track for this three track heater, known as UV, so the description you will find identical to that of the original blog post. That of the other two tracks, is completely fresh script, so let’s dig our teeth in.

To set the stage, the first track, “Data Sequence“, is in collaboration with REZI, a fresh dubstep talent in the scene bringing much of same future transformation to bass music as we know it. A distorted call fractals about, attempting to deliver a message in the roll of the intro, as if a transmission that is outer worldly. Impact arises attention, and an artificial voice begins to speak in computal tones to deliver instruction. Percussion begins to roll, as pads answer to rise, and the voice fades. The drop hits with high pitched, rhythmic sound, unlike anything to relate, punches through. A vicious, distorted sub rides the main bass, exponentially driving the two sounds to purity. A sort of space horror complex is given to better visualize the scene being put to play with the sound design, accompanied with a slamming hybrid trap structure. A second drop quickly dictates it’s presence, bringing on a radiating, alarm like noise. Raising tensions with the veracity of this sound, the grime is unreal. The drop breaks and begins to ride with the voice echoing on repeat, and a third build comes to be. This third body embodying much of the first drops characteristics, but with more hesitation in sound introduction, absolutely fortifying an insane amount of anticipation. A similar break to finalize the tracks groove makes way, and concludes to the beginning distorted message that came before.

The second piece we have had the pleasure to speak of before is “UV“, a Cyclops single. Time engages into an ominous sound sphere of sort of an evil premonition wondering about an audible confusion, bring great vibes of encapsulating horror. Harsh, but short breathed claps ride the track, and briefly atone a cue of building war drums. A lyric sets on an alarm of ascending density, triggering the drop to persist. A precursor rattles in the back ground, and the main sound introduces it’s presence with an forbearing rattle of popping mid pongs complimenting a monstrous, driving sub bass. Executed with the profound stomp of a dubstep flow, it still very much stands askew from what we classically hear from such a flow, but very well indulged upon, with no remorse to be had in groove whatsoever. Partial way through the first drop body, and transition is made into a stronger correlation of energy with an added high frequency pop, to stimulate the ride out of this drop in memory. An assertive screech synth, subtly protruding itself to slide off the end, assists to end the first drop. The ominous appeal re-enters the atmosphere, giving the break all the same characteristics as the intro. Build comes to be for the second round of chaos to approach. The flow shows more diversity in this moment, and the sub gains a wider hiss to it’s harmony. With what is too remain, elements continue to communicate until the very closing of the session.

Lastly, a more melodic take, with a dash of heftiness, is brought on by the mans, and that is with “Optic Nerve“. Impact heeds way followed with a harmonious, spatial chord play to set the tone. Claps begin to raise tension, and the first drop rains instantly. Rapid laser cannons fire away, with an angry dubstep pattern crush waves. This song carries that poppy bass vibe, but with that stumpy angst to give it that real grit. The chord play resumes again, whistling towards another drop. Second drop commences with similar sound design, with a ringing mid range reese to compliment the energy. A third entrance makes it’s way onto the groove, this time performing a bounce of octaves, and sending the flow into space. Such brief brutality, but so well played upon, this track could be on repeat and it would hit different with every delivery. The track exits with the same chords, into oblivion.

Cyclops came through with a complete mental explosion in this EP. You never know what Gud Vibrations is bound to deliver with their artists, but this has easily got to be on the tier level of some of toughest music to make it’s reaches to their label. So much differential in sound and style, always ecstatic to see what moves Cyclops will fair to make next!

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