A new fighter appears, one that is gaining altitude at an impressive rate through the ranks of color bass community. We introduce PLEEG, an aspiring French, bass music artist finding themselves on the grounds of Never Say Die. We have been given the opportunity to speak of the song “Useless” off the coming “Dreamer” EP. This style of artistry is not typically a fad that has seen light on NSD, but we are more than excited to see what kind of talent in this genre of music they deem worthy to project for their label.

Digital typing tones click off until a warped subsequent impulses to allow a hollow arpeggiator takes lead. The warp expells again, and a harmonious vocal sample chops into play, bringing melody to life, and percussion ensues. The chop becomes whole and begins to turn to a verse that repeats with forming foreground sounds transform with the rise of intensity. A drop intrudes subtly with a trappy feel, but so experimental and unusual. Very joyous vibes project from the sound design, giving it a pop vibe, and so much response in the speak of noises, it keeps the mind firing with continuity with so much variety going around. The break plays to the sequence of the previous, and the second drop hits. Much of the same design is used, but intona complete change of pattern, with the similar sub the crunches hard throughout the entirety of the track. Like riding on a cloud, surrounded by robotic birds to call out is the feel of this track, reminding of vibrant colors, and a breath of fresh air. The sound ends almost as if reverse of the intro, all the same elements in place.

PLEEG is a brilliant choice in inviting a new touch of sound with the NSD label. A stable prospect to attract whole new crowd of listeners, and sway those of the norm to take ear to the future of bass music. Very excited to watch this EP grow, and the response it receives. The delivery of this track alone raises great curiosity for what is to come.

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