Today we have a super fresh release from my favourite new underground artist, DOIL, the musical project of Vebjørn Berg-Jørgensen. Releasing on an upcoming Rude Service compilation ‘Full Stack Halloween’, ‘Orthros‘ marks the first original release for the DOIL alias.

And what a release it is!! Starting off with a dark evil aesthetic, the song definitely exudes the halloween spirit – more or less building straight into absolutely controlled mayhem. Complete with some amazing fills and build of tension through the track, when it gets to the second drop, well, you’ll be looking for a rail nearby to grab onto and headbang, that’s for sure. The progression of sounds and arrangement in this tune is super cool – rounding it out with a third drop that caps off the song super well – and an outro with a little bit of growling!

Hailing from Norway, DOIL has been producing music since 2015 and also plays a whole bunch of ice hockey (since 2011!!). His biggest inspirations at the moment include artists like BeutNoise, Subtronics, Bainbridge, Cyclops, Jiqui and Whales. Working in Ableton Live the producer has been leaning into the dubstep / trap lane of music – and this tune absolutely stomps in that respect.

Rude Service, the record label of Bear Grillz has been doing awesome things for the bass music scene, releasing EPs and compilations of some awesome new artists – and this is no exception. Very keen to hear the upcoming compilation!

Connect with DOIL:

Connect with Rude Service:

Connect with Let The Bass Get You:

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