A man of advanced war tactics, and a grand display of demolition retains no knowledge of mercy in consideration of his foe. One who portrays such features is a bass legend who has run decks in the heated lands of Disciple territory, hailing from the realm of Australia, we honor the carpet to master PhaseOne, and his hot off the plate product, the “THE RISEN” EP. The power consolidated in this five track loaded mag, is something unfathomable, and we are beyond ecstatic to dip into what this lord of metal and tear out meshing has brought to the table.

First to display it’s nature is the title track itself, “The Risen” featuring Sleep Walker. A haunting melody persues the entrance of this waking beast, clattering a dark chime in the middle ground, hensing the mild chug of a guitar. Rising into a mild impact, pads enter to add grit to a rise with the rhythmic guitar. Percussion rolls to increase tensions as a guttural vocal answers to the calling of what awakes. Drop persists, charging forward with a drum and bass prerequisite drop, and then smashing with that signature PhaseOne hammer of a sound to pummel our craniums. The sound design is that solid heavy metal chug he is known for, just bringing out the fiercest of scenarios to the soundscape at hand. Another build entangles to take heave of a second drop. It hits, this time rattling off a faded machine gun style bass, and then fully encompassing it’s ravaging character. Drop depletes into a drum roll, and the scream curdles into a riff that absolutely rips through the pairing of bass music and extremely tough metal vibes. Such a masterful take into detail and stapling the style that PhaseOne represents straight from the start.

Following, is a collaboration with an up and coming royalty of the tear out style of basses, and that is HelaSex, with their project “Drop Bears“. The atmosphere plays into a mysterious melodic ocean of glowing sounds, orbiting the mental, subtly spiraling into a retro formed guitar chiming into the flow. Another guitar promotes the groove, suspending the hear rising towards a hefty impact. Both guitars descend and morph as one, reverbing and fading to complete silence, as a angst vocal yells into the face of the song, building into the drums. The drop attacks with massive sound the completely swallows the listener with a profound sustained bass, and a screeching high end emphasis to complement. The sounds of both artists battle for dominance in this track, really making for an interesting interdimensional feel for the reaction of sounds, so very well executed. To call this track “heavy” would be low balling at the grade in which track portrays itself. A break briefly rolls out into another build with the vocal meshing it’s existence yet again. This second drop comes through without remorse introducing a high end screech, and then a release of supreme violence, chomping away with it’s stompy nature, and vicious sound design. Exiting the second drop with a tempo change into a bass house send. The guitar appears yet again, and this break shows resemblance of the intro characteristics. A third drop blasts into life, much like the first, only with a more dominating width of sound. Ending to the wind down of the spacious sounds of what melody was present in the beginning.

A third plate makes way to the scene in collaboration with Escape The Fate, and this one goes by the title of “Raindrops“. A melody radiates in an eerie silence as vocals ensue of an intense sadness of someone effecting their life, and how it reverberated negatively on one’s person. The vocals continue with sound constructing and building the space, and an automated percussion gradually rising. Lyrics rise to conforms to a punk rock carriage and claps to maintain the flow in the foreground. The drop clicks off with the title and sound design adapts to that of an electric guitar layered over, making for some otherworldly type of performance. Almost unexplainable in the perspective of a spectator to listen, completely taken away by what proceeds in this moment. The PhaseOne chug intensifies that of the guitar so handsomely, it’s an incredible feat to say the least. The break takes place, repeating much of which how the intro pertained, vocals and riff much the same. The second drop suspends with a hefty smack, much like the first, really expelling the energy to it’s top potential in this final bit of the song.

This next one is a long awaited, and many times played and leaked for a tease for a very long time! We’ve been impatiently waiting, and now the gods hath delivered! We are talking about the PhaseOne and Jiqui collab, “Subterrestrial“. A racy, depth noise protrudes off the bat with a great loudness, setting off with epic war horns, and a diluted chorus setting the structure for something of another entity. The build charges up with ringing percs, claps, and an evil snare. The drop mashes it’s life into the being, and delivers absolute chaos. PhaseOne distorted, gnawing crunches with Jiqui’s future grind of melting noise is a match made to be! There is no relent in the performance of this drop, if anyone is to survive, it is a miracle. The breakdown takes lead, showing similar context to the intro, and the second drop rolls in. This time with a hailfire of gun one shots, obliterating the listeners audible capacity. A track that spells carnage and a dystopia of hellish mutiny. The mosh pits will be lit up for some time by this heaving monster.

Lastly, a single known as “Into The Light” makes the final piece to this stellar EP. A smooth guitar intros this track, setting for a more cleric tone as what we have experienced in the entirety of the rest of the tracks. An echoing lyric radiates in the background, thus a drum roll cues, and a series of claps follow to rise. A drop shows face with a melodic essence this time. A first in which we have ever scene from PhaseOne, but so genuinely announced in his representation. Still containing the harder energy he generally permits, but with a deep harmonic accent. The flow in this gesture is wild, and so gorgeous on many fronts. The breakdown brings into play a guitar, rifting to the melodic character of the song. The drums build yet again with substant pads. A second drop heads forward with that melodic body yet again, and fades quickly with the guitar to capitalize the emotion.

Such an encapsulating piece of work from start to finish by PhaseOne. There isn’t a single moment then wasn’t jaw dropping and awe-inspiring. The delivery of this man never fails to shock, and his mastering of the art he brings shakes any and all to their internals. Well done yet again, and can’t wait to see the input of others when they take listen to this EP.

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