It’s that time of the calendar year in which many a frightful, angry, rambunctious and horrifying things find way into our dimension, in thus they cause a chaos unseen, and haunting amongst some. This chaos may come in the form of an entity, an idea, an illusion, or even better yet, a sound. Not just any sound, sound that will trigger the nervous endings of electrodes scattered throughout the brain, inducing these repent feelings we so strongly tuck away, fearing their presence. The army at Welcome Records introduce a series of these said sounds, to bring upon a legendary chaos, unset by any that came before. This beast of a presentation is their “Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 3“, and it comes right and ravaging for all victims that lay before it.

There are thirteen trials that sleep in the cript of these horrors, featuring the conjures Crankdat, Calcium, Whyel, Stratus, YDG, High Zombie, HIGHSOCIETY, Vastive & Cypherize, LAYZ, Komb & Shadw, TYPHON, VARI, and KartyPartyy. Only a handful of tracks will be covered in this article, for surprise and special sake, but we highly encourage any and all fans of bass music to take a peek at this compilation, because it sheds a lot of light on the underground/up and coming producers in the game who have been working incredibly hard, and have so much to offer to our industry. So, without further ado, let us dive in.

The first in which we delegate a solid representation to open the flood gates of these violent beings, is the single by Calcium called “Let You Know“. Angelic calls carry a melodic flow, following with a piano to chime a harmonious ambient setting. A childish voice sets off a series of chords that ring like muttered bells, containing pads to bring up the attitude. Claps begin to set off the excitement and octaves of chords become higher in pitch, sending the energy to an increased degree. A faint sample of a rhythmic sound follows with the speed increase of tempo, reflecting a fraction of that classic Calcium design. The drop hits, performing the structure of a hybrid trap formation. The leading sound the typical piercing, mid range heat this artist likes to bring with his artistry, but bringing a more vibrant vibe as compared to his thuggish street tones. The variance in which Calcium is capable of when making music makes a prominent appearance in a track like this, really showing it all off. Many parts in here correlate so well, and really come together to curate an epicenes to help introduce such a compilation, and set a path for those artists to follow.

Next, we aim our sights at Whyel, one of Insomniac’s superstars, and his track, “The Creed” featuring Death Lens. The tracks comes in with that awesome punk, skater rock aesthetic with Death Lens singing in the foreground, and electric guitar muddled down, and chugging away. Setting the speed for this track that plays appropriately into a genre meld that flows so smoothly, a speed rock type, and good old drum and bass. The drop rattles into the real gritty revision of drum and bass, capitalizing on the bass part to an extreme. It does some interchanges with a turn to raw style in flow. It’s astonishing the amount of differential present amongst this song, throwing the listener into a madhouse of realms. There is no wonder why this track was found to be so attractive enough to be on Kayzo’s label, it fits all criteria, and so far beyond, very impressive.

To follow, is one that personally caught my eye, but only because my “fan girling” ways get the better of me, and that is YDG with his track, “Throw It Down“. Now, we all know what we can expect from YDG, and that is brutal synths, pounding percussion, and just the meanest in flow when it comes down to it. The elements taken into play with this track define heavy dubstep, and more incorporative this time, the metallic, tear out energy he constructs ever so occasionally. This is a hybrid piece for sure, because the flow shows his prominence in the trap sounds, but crushes in all of it’s stompy ways with is dubstep dominant flow. Nothing skillwise was to be held back in the masterpiece, YDG comes in way ahead of himself yet again, with complete demolition.

Another to peep, is the Vastive & Cypherize collaboration, “PUNCH“. This track is revolutionary and extremely fitting for the attire of Welcome Records, being it has those metal intensions, and tons of screaming, in which I do believe is Vastive himself incorporating. Splitting directly from the metal atmosphere to crushing snares, and knocking kicks, the sound design is some of the heaviest of dubstep. The guns rattle off in celebration of madness and anger, meeting all the means of a heated bass banger. The duo went off to express every ounce of intent, pissed off emotion they could possibly present in a song like this, and it shows vividly.

Someone I’ve want to give attention to for sometime, and has shown her glow up in becoming a queen in bass music is LAYZ. She smacks a heavy hitter of a track comes tough in the reflection of the form in sound she really strives for. The track is called “OUTBURST“, and it is absolutely mad with the energy and intensity when pertaining to heavy dubstep. It contains the perfect balance of transitional movement, earth shatter percussion, a stompy flow, and a very upset sound that chains off like a metallic eating monster. The flow of this track is relentless when carrying the energy, and propels inward and outward with it’s raging desolation. Mad props to LAYZ for getting this out on such a label, and getting closer to milestones in propelling her craft.

Last one I am to cover, and leave the rest to be experienced by audience, is KartyPartyy, and the track “GAME ON“. The hefty guitars know no remorse in the form of this track, and a poppy energy compliments it’s beginning music. The drop is insane with sound design, harbinging noise of tear out, and very evil bass. A sped up groove is projected in this piece, seeming right considering it’s rock roots that ride deep through the entirety of the track.

Welcome Records brought all the heat with this compilation, and though only select tracks were covered in the writting of this article, they are all really fantastic, and will appeal to a grand choice of genre lovers. They don’t miss attention of anyone, the amount of talent packed into this madness inducing stack of heaters is unreal, and makes the future bright for the adaptation constantly forming with bass music.

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