What started as a figment of Nix Chohan’s imagination as a child, the now-epochal Dr. Ozi moniker has grown into something truly special since its inception in 2006. The Toronto-based, New-Delhi raised producer has drawn inspiration from everything from punk-rock to his classically trained mother.  Known for bringing a new wave of undeniably heavy yet sleek productions to the forefront of the scene, his colorful and rich palette of sound design has allowed him to become a staple producer for Never Say Die Records, amongst other heavy hitting labels in electronic music.

Hi Dr.Ozi! How are you doing?
Hello! I am doing good! Been a very busy week for the team and I. Thank you for asking!

Take us back to the beginning, how did you find your passion into producing electronic music?
It all started from me listening to Tek-One‘s remix of “Sleeping with One Eye Open” by Bring Me The Horizon in 2010. Funny thing – the same remix album had Skrillex on it.  After that, I listened to broken strings by Tek-One. Then I heard ‘Katy On A Mission’ by Katy B (Benga Remix), and I knew I was hooked to this genre. I wanted more. It was brand new and nothing like that existed. I was in many bands before, but it was just a high school thing. After that I instantly started making music on a demo FL Studio. I had to render the same day and finish a song the in same day because FL Studio Demo would not let you save! Right after that, I finally got an iMac and bought myself Logic. I hated Logic and it’s work flow, so I moved on to Ableton. I have been making music I love for more than 11 years now!

You released an EP called “Hive Mind EP Pt. 1” through NSD. Could you share the creative process behind this EP?
This EP was a challenge, because I had to find a steady balance between emotions and story. The story arc for Dr. Ozi is very fictional – It’s very much ‘cult-like’. And then in turn, the music was also created with a lot of emotions. I think in the end, both the story and the emotion in the music made this EP very unique. I had to make sure I hit every mark: the intro, builds, drops – even the outro. I wanted to make sure people listen to my music through and through.

“Hive Mind EP Pt. 1” includes a collaboration with Dyatic. How did you end up working with Dyatic?
and I met on my Twitch streams. His thought process behind grove patterns and syncopations are very much like mine. I loved his music so much on stream, that everyone in the live chat kept asking us to make music together. So yeah, my Twitch chat is the reason why this collaboration happened!

Your new EP has a very special feature – you have created a visual comic book and a story. Was it clear for you already in the beginning of the process that you were heading towards a comic book?
The comic book came into play 3 years ago. The idea was there to showcase a story. We thought of many ways to explain the story, and we finally landed on a comic book! We had to come up with a story arc and a script, with all the common plot building methods. It was a very long process that my manager and I embarked on to make this a real thing. So, it wasn’t clear process, but we took the risk.

Can you tell us more about the characters and more about the story?
Of course! The character Johnny Blue is a depressed failure who’s trying to be someone or something in the world he’s living in. Dr. Billy Cannon is a therapist, who’s main goal is to provide sanity to Johnny. Ozi is the monster, who haunts Johnny and tries to show him a path to sanity (but really, it’s insanity). I don’t want to spoil too much, but there is definitely a lot more about these characters in the comic book!

This quarantine period has been hard for the music industry, so now it’s time to support and support. Any interesting new producers you would recommend to follow?
Yes, the pandemic was most definitely horrible for the industry. I reccomend people like Leotrix, IMANU, The Caracal Project, WiNk and Outrage. There are so many talented producers that I can’t think of on the spot! Everyone has to do their part to support artists who struggled through this pandemic.

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
This is only the beginning of the storyline. We have curated a long-term idea about the whole Dr. Ozi project. So, if you follow it, you have to start now! Because if you miss any important concepts now, than it would be hard to catch up in the future. And you don’t want to miss it. And yeah – go check out my new EP!

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