Hidden in the vast darkness, deep in the crevasses of Never Say Die’s hidden article of talents, a entity long asleep rewrites his story to bring on a fresh evolution into the universe of bass. Dr. Ozi delivers his seven track EP, which is the first part of a greater collection, known as “Hive Mind Pt. 1“. This stack of reformed artistry is a take newly introduced by the genius madman, which we had a minor peek of in his recent collab with Chime and Trinergy.

Dr. Ozi claims this a collective writing of his that has taken a total of six years to completely perfect in his manner and find suitable in speaking miles of a story in which he wishes to project. There is more of a melodic atmosphere that surrounds the tracks he sends with this EP, many of which still contain the eerie, horror vibe he likes to pertain to, but with a heavy emotional influence to accompany the ambience. We will delve into these with a lighter details, but still giving a general presence of feeling we pick up from these tracks. It’s a piece we believe everyone should take attention to to get the full experience from each track, and perceive their own view in which they see his adventure being told.

The first track to initiate the journey de jure is called “50/50”. It is short and sweet, meant to put on the setting of the entire EP with an elongated intro that takes up the space of a whole track. It entails a couple of extended recorded phone call samples, and a symphonic presence that layers upon itself for a stellar build which leaves off with a sinister break into inevitable silence.

We are then presented with the first plate to bring on the energy proper for any entrance, even on a live standard this song would open a room upon in no time to absolute chaos. The track is called “Prayers“, with lyricist, Peytn. It introduces that sound Dr. Ozi terraforms his new ground with and with a colorful flow that implants his purpose he speaks of with this EP. So gritty, but with a taste of that melodic riddim essence on a groove that gets a body moving without hesitation. The vocals by Peytn define that classic antichrist type rebellion calling Dr. Ozi likes to represent with his branding. A solid punch of flavor from the mans with first start to finish banger.

Secondly, there comes into play a solo that pops off on that Mumbai style in which we have seen previously out of Dr. Ozi, but under his rule this time. The track is called “Black Pollen“, and it harnesses a rapidly moving flow, with that knocking tropical, jungle aesthetic to it. Drums rattle like bongos going at hyper speak, and in and out sustained to bullet raining sound design is used, with the hoverance of beautiful vocals skimming the high end atmosphere. This entire combination of noise and color dances a new liveliness to the artist’s typical chemistry, so much I would say this has the most intriguing attention to it, definitely worth a listen.

A carnage inducing beast awaits with this next track, known as “Pull The Pin“. It charges up with massive war horns and shaking vocals, to eventually become a very angry heavy dubstep track, carrying some of those brostep tastes into it. The sound design is chilling with how violent and massive it. Dr. Ozi is known for this kind of track, but he indefinitely set the standard with this one. Holding a fine filler of ambient sound, and cracking the black space with a collision of sounds that yet again redefine his imagery of music. This song is completely bongers from start to finish.

Next, a pretty creature is brought to life in the track “Far And High“. This one stood out to me quite a bit, because it has ton of old school Dr. Ozi elements in it, well matched with his style a few years ago, and then melded together into what he is now, all filled into the ripe genre of melodic riddim, or also known as color bass. It’s so properly executed to with it’s speed in sound movement, and the harmonious tones that take hold of the tracks attitude. When the change goes from that melodic presence to a heavy dubstep transition, that is where the eras of sound become most noticeable. Absolutely love this tracks detailed notation.

There then becomes a track in collaboration with Mexican bass music producer know as Dyatic, one very much amongst the up and coming and underground, making waves with his heavy dubstep presence. In this joint effort with Dr. Ozi, they release “All Hail“, a plate that performs more towards a dance basis of electronic music. It has the essence of the dubstep sound design, but taken in a hybrid direction, not often perceived to be constructed from these artists. It has the terror enducing essentials, and with such similarities of swag in the way these artists produce their sound, this is a dream collab to many. So many elements very well accented, and with relentless energy to be had, it’s an undoubted banger that will go noticed by masses.

Lastly, is another take in music we never thought we would find in the eye of Dr. Ozi and that is his take towards a hard style mash with the track, “The March“. It comes in very mysterious, but soon charges up into that hardstyle, with likewise tearout elements, even with some psytrance oddities sprinkled amongst it. Almost an unspoken genre that combines so many different integrities of famous trends. It brings on a whirlwind of emotions, yet again with sound design so crisply cooked from the mans, it’s a new era to gaze upon.

Dr. Ozi brought on a whole wave of unheard universal sounds we never thought we would be so ecstatic to unveil our ears to. Definitely a lot of left field ideals we did not expect to have heard from this artist, but that also goes said in his purpose for this EP and the forthcoming parts to come. Happy to see this man bring his influence back into the game with standard he wants to take charge within his own accord. May this EP stain your ears with wonderlust as it has done ours, and we are very excited to the other parts to make light in the future.

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