In a mighty trek to conjure the undead, a mighty trap warrior by the name of NGHTMRE, goes upon his way to bring a dubstep legend back to the living realm to combine forces. He does that very action, and rises from the grave the honorable king, Zomboy. In a universal scale collision of unimaginable energy, these two grand goliathes of sound bring to life their track, “Shell Shock“, with the vocal siren, Georgia Ku. All done properly under the GUD VIBRATIONS label, we take our taste of this immaculate track and give you o 5x10ur best rendition in what we feel towards it, let’s hop in!

With a glow of piano rings to set the atmosphere and a shimmering, mystical presence of foley in the back ground, we are tossed into a soundscape of low toned emotions. Georgia Ku begins to take her cue to sing of relationship sadness and retaliation. War drums begin to ring with horns panning back and forth with the rise of tension from a multitude of ascending pads. The voice trails off, lashing back chopped with a build of drums. Drop takes lead with that classic shifting distortion of sound design we see from Zomboy, reverberating a very traditional characteristic he brought much in his Rott And Roll styled tracks. The flow is the pinnacle of heavy dubstep influences, with a dark ambience chonking away with the hard hitting kick to sub notes. Slipping in those speaking growls Zomboy is well known for, gritting so down and dirty in the best way. The vocals come back with the breakdown, reintroducing the cinematic build until the second drop takes fire. It hits, this time with a harmonious layer to really enhance the melodic side of this track, upholding a larger state of emotion. I would say this is a recognizable method coming from NGHTMRE’s handy work, being his heavy weight use in colorful harmonies. Still maintaining the song’s hefty basis, the second drop rides out similar to the first, then finishes with the same wonderlust we begin with, flung into darkness.

“Shell Shock” is the perfect essence of duo work by Zomboy and NGHTMRE. Never had we imagined such units coming together like this, but then again, not surprised considering time would only prove it appropriate that they would deliver, and man did they! A heater without question, and I’m sure everyone took excitement as we did coming from such a legendary pairing.

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