There is a grand monument of existential darkness that resides in the vast geography of Canada. A fortress that houses the most vile of audible conjurers. Interval Audio is a basis for underground creatures that bring the pinnacle of experimental variety when it comes to bass music. Hitting all the core essentials, whilst excelling new flavors of genre from a multitude of lands. In their fresh compilation “Without God: Season X“, they take their listeners through a weaving escapade of deep, elaborate sounds of the underworld and whatever else lies even further beneath.

In this twenty-nine track beast of a compilation, we hear artistry from up and coming names such as DKKAY, STVG, Nimda, Punishment, Extent, JG Dubz, Vermin and so many more. Those announced merely scrape the surface of talent that blows away expectations. There is no set genre presented in the entirety of this massive line, only a wide spread of infuence to be resonated from the craft projected in the these individuals.

The dark aesthetic the Interval Audio brings never fails to please, and if anyone is looking for towards the adaptation in design the bass music scene is facing, this is the label to turn to. Always bringing in absolute heat with each release, never letting down the energy, and always so ruthless in vibes. It’s mind blowing how far they’ve come, and the ground yet to be covered by their releases. Don’t sleep on “Without God“, if you’re a true fan of musical design amongst the EDM scene, and enjoy the craft as much as we do, they have that very thing and so much more to offer.

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