Based in a time of robotic, systematic emotion, the future holds a dull outcome for those engulfed in a wave of technology. Context loses it’s sympathetic touch, and the meaning to feelings goes completely numb. There is a visual, audible adversary the looks to defeat this look to life, and he speaks it in a mighty message accompanied by a vocalist of grand proportion. REAPER delivers his new piece, “Runaway“, with lyrics from Josh Rubin, featured via the BASSRUSH RECORDS label. We delve into this heartfelt take to bass, and give you our side of what to look forward to.

A cybernetic arpeggiator cues to entail this journey into sound, and wonderment, with sweep to enhance the mystery that beholds what is to be made of what lies ahead. Chords knock softly in a futuristic glitch, and Josh Rubin’s voice chimes in to speak of a loss of heart. Instruments supported the foreground layer quietly as the vocal points impact the listeners senses. The chords begin again, as Josh’s voice echos and drums build to the sound of electric guitar riff. It stacks until the drop, and hits with immaculate drum and bass arrangement, with gritty synths the reese along the percussion. Vocals ride out the end of the first drop, and the body goes quiet for short term, sliding back into a riser, and spaces snares, smashing into the second drop. Much like the first, the emotion is a fiery storm that swallows the victim into a energetic bounce of feels. Brilliantly, it ends quietly with the last radiance of the vocals to close.

A well engaged performance by both REAPER and Josh Rubin. Simply spoken and a well felt message is sent across this track, making in a solid drum and bass melodic banger. Always looking forward to BASSRUSH’s next top heater, there is no doubt they know how to hand pick their talent, that will gaurentee to please.

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