It’s been a great month for bass music – and Bensley’s release of “No Problems” via NIGHTMODE just reinforces this even further. The Toronto, Canada based artist has been kicking goals ever since the release of his debut album back in 2015. Since that he has gained support from Zeds DeadNetskyNoisia and Sub Focus and became an important part of the next generation of electronic musicians. Hot off the back of his 4 track Cascade EP (read more from our article here), Bensley has returned with an awesome new song.

This new tune “No Problems” is a fantastic debut on NIGHTMODE blending an old school dubstep vibe with UK garage spec drums and vocals. A lush intro gives way to a full reece driven bassline with smatterings of vocal chops sitting over the top telling us all about the lack of need for problems – you don’t need them, we don’t need them, nobody does. Falling into a melodic pad driven breakdown, the dubstep drum pattern takes over and drives us into the second drop with the reece amped up even further. But we aint done – the next break pulls the energy right back with sirens in the back before kicking into gear with rapid chords leading into the final drop, which gives us those classic dubstep vibes with some tasty melodic motifs from the song sitting over the top.

This one is a bit of an homage to early 2010 dubstep and UK garage, which was my gateway into the electronic music world. I’ve tried to incorporate the bouncy drums and wobbling basslines that are symbolic of that era, while staying true to my own style and bringing it up to date with current production standards. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it


Keen to hear what’s coming next from this genre defying prodigy – absolutely stay tuned!

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