We take ride into a suspenseful scenario of deep emotional bounds and love at it’s highest tension. Nazaar delivers a new self release that touches on more feely side of his versus his hard hitting crowd ringers. He sends off “With U” to cut into our surprised feelings to expose our projection to the ultimate degree. Let us hop on this train with the lot of you to break down our perception of story.

Silence is broken with a crackle of foley and speaking of two entities interacting amongst themselves to eject feelings amongst one another, setting the scene for more subtle sadness. Vocals chain off to set the atmosphere into lovers encapsulating themselves into their cognitive beings, piano echoing in the foreground to paint the emotional canvas. Distorted rising begins to set place the vocals twist in and out of a lower compound of frequency. A sustained sound of a horn accompanies the distortion, swelling octaves to keep flow intertwined with it’s epic attraction. Build sets up percussive layers adding rapidly. The drop lays waste with a gritty melodic layer, and that typical Nazaar chug to give it that ground breaking combination to smash at feels, yet make for a floor stomping banger. The melodic reese charges, and then flattens into the chiming harmony of the structural piano that takes hold of this tracks platform. Pats of a war drum arrangement trap along biting snares to gain attention into what build is about to follow for our second stage. Rising engulfs the track yet again with chops of the lead vocal surfing between. The second drop hits with a full melodic ambience the takes on that big festival sound, exploiting the full range of emotion this song was built to deliver. Sound design containing of high powered flutes that verb the movement of the flow, empowering it’s entire dance potential. Drop ends with the paino plucking to the end, and a muffled rind of the lyrics softly draining into the end.

In February of 2020 I was in Los Angeles, trying to find my purpose within dance music. On one of these days during the trip, I found myself at Santa Monica beach at 2:00 AM with my laptop and headphones, recording the sounds of the beach. It was during that impromptu studio session that I started writing “WITH U“. In that moment I felt so lost, not sure where I belonged, but writing music helped this confusion all go away. “WITH U” is a story about how feeling lost is a beautiful thing and how chasing the feeling of being yourself will always feel better than anything else. If it wasn’t for a calm night on the beach, I would’ve never realized that I could be whatever I wanted to become and do whatever I wanted to do.


Nazaar hit all cognitive levels of the human emotional standard with this track. He goes to show how his intentions have reflected with time, and the sound he intends to deliver with his growth as a musician. Such a beautiful piece, and within a range we find more than ideal with someone of such talent. Can’t wait to see what this mad man desides to bless us with in the future.

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