We dive into world of vast mystery and life unknown, submerging into trenches where darkness takes fold, and there is no guarantee return to the service. The manifests of the great powers from Sharks and Chime take into the unscathed territory that is their new plate to be, “Water Elemental“, released via the Disciple. Join us in the journey sinking into the melody of this wondrous void.

Trickles of wet tranquility soak our audible atmosphere as harmony comes to be in this dripping resemblance. Percussion beats to the floating brigade of signature Chimes, hense a deep snare the carries into a atmospheric pad. A wash of sound waves to and from, panning our curiosity into what awaits the grand explosion to be. Rise of the percussive elements and the octave of the ringing sounds gain ground, with chords to accent it’s intensity. A drop performs with incredibly colorful noise that surrounds the listener with a profound beauty of what we perceive to be water and a miraculous scenery of in cue motion that hits so satisfying with each kick to snare implementation. Both Sharks and Chime make their particular sound stand out in this tense moment, making for a fine balance of work projected by these talented individuals. The drop recedes only momentarily to gain charge yet again. A dive into the momentum proceeds to a more active motive in sound design, and lyrical notes complimenting the flow at hand. Drop resides and a break into ominous tranquility lays form to create the frame for the next build. It hits yet again, with that renowned Chime flow and a Sharks heftiness to bring on that angst energy, making face in the melodic world put in place. It cuts to a shallow resonance into a splash of silence.

Sharks has developed his sound a ton over the past few years since his EP release on Rushdown and it’s been a joy to hear him really come into his own with his unique signature sound. “Water Elemental” acts as a celebration of the liquid sound design we’ve both been developing recently which culminates into the most watery dubstep tune you’ll ever hear!


This collaboration of two well seasoned artists in combination of color bass and heavy dubstep is a highly impactful song. Sending the listener on a journey not faced by many, but so unique in the genre it pertains to. A truly visionary take on melodic energy and conformation into dubstep we did not expect, but highly needed.

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