A fully stacked compilation release from Emengy released this month and WOW it is pretty freaking great. Featuring songs from a whole bunch of artists (see below tracklist) the 20 TRACK RELEASE(!) has a great flow and depth of styles throughout.

The western canadian bass music label located in Vancouver has been putting out some dope music ever since establishing in 2013 and has been keeping true to its core goal “To identify and develop talented producers and artists, taking them first to fans and then to the marketplace”. This compilation absolutely encapsulates this goal and has put me onto some new incredible bass music producers. Some of our favourite tracks off the compilation are from Doil, Madgrrl, Fools of Wisdom x Akvma – have a listen below:

Doil is one of our favourite up and coming artists at the moment, and his track, Festive Terrorising just helps to solidify this! It starts off with a strong pluck vibe leading into a g-house style vocals – this gives was to a just.. freaking massive super heavy but driving dubstep – there is no other way to describe this other than pure clean crisp dirty filth – clean and dirty – I freaking love it.

In The Dark“, Madgrrl’s track with Bel Air Witch is very aptly named – is just full of straight rave dance floor energy from the beginning – giving way to a super cool break/build with the catchiest vocals over the top – Danceable does not even begin how much this track makes me move and takes me back to my candy raver roots for sure.

Fools of Wisdom x AKVMA track “Upward Spiral” starts with a lovely ravey melodic progression which breaks into a chuggy build slowly but surely building into more pure filthy riddim vibes that perfectly compliment and provide a huge tension release to the very cool breaks and builds in the track.

The tracklist for the compilation is as follows:

  1. Wye Nawt – Inert Subhuman
  2. Say Word X Chatoor – CROSS
  3. Smiles Only – Threat Level
  4. Jaysyx X Autokorekt X Soundwreck – DEATH TOLL
  5. Dolla Bill – Pop That
  6. DOIL – Festive Terrorizing
  7. CHACKK X Octobit – Destiny
  8. Madflick – Jentacular
  9. CALLEN – Bittersweet
  11. Kleøpatra X Scafetta – What You Know About
  12. Dragos X SpaceYeti – Diffusion
  13. VONDOO – Don’t Go
  14. MozX – Signs
  15. BRAINWAVEZ – Dissonance
  16. Spookybro – Violation
  17. MVSLO – Phantom
  18. Fools Of Wisdom X AKVMA – Upward Spiral
  19. Skellytn ft. TYX – Horcrux
  20. STVNK FVCE X Dowski – The Break

Keen to see what’s next from the label and all of these amazing humans on this compilation!!

Connect with Emengy:

Connect with Let The Bass Get You:

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