Many up and comers have been absolutely revolutionizing the scene of bass music as we know it right now. After the pandemic especially, a lot of unknown artists really cracked down on their craft, and came up ten steps ahead of themselves when shows began to make way, and music started to be lively yet again. Amongst a grand populace of fantastic individuals who have come from Slovakia and France, there is a particular duo we take sight to, and that is the EVILNOIZ lads. These two bright, young minds recently self released a new single known to be “MAD” and it pretrudes are the dark entities that reside in it, with the most evil angelic representation we could ever begin to imagine.

A dark translation of what sounds to be a distraught radio signal bleeps in echo of itself to shutter the intro. Blunt percussive elements thump to create a glacial pattern to amp the overall energy, accompanied by an eerie drip that clips along with the pound of the drums. Attuned with a slow, sweeping, hip hop styled sub bass to set the tonal value of this track, making for a pretty hearty introduction. A brief vocal igniting the song title protrudes and a rap of the drums begins to rattle upwards in excitement. The drop hits, and tension builds even greater with a drawn out pre-drop that gives us a taste of the lead in sound. Bass hits with such gradual smoothness, acknowledged the full stereo field of sound. EVILNOIZ hails their common fodder being a grand gesture of sinister, angelic vibes with their intense harmony in sound design, but with a very scary ambience to reside within those confines of beauty. Heavy but melodic is a solid contradictory statement when it comes to defining the energy these two bring, but in the most sensible method. The break echos elements of the same from the introductory. Build takes hold again, unto the second drop. It hits with an even more intense force than the previous, with a more rapid fire succession of one shot movements, that drives the flow to peak loudness and speed. Continuing until it’s close, the vocal chop repeats one more time, and the song recluses.

EVILNOIZ has made some impressive moves through a short amount of time. Appealing to labels such as Odio, with their underground voice of sound, and making immense creative gestures with their self releases. An appropriate duo of progressively growing minds, we honestly are so excited to see what ideas they’ll stir up next!

Connect with EVILNOIZ:

Connect with Let The Bass Get You:

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