There stands a character who causes much disarray in his acts of sequencing sound to build stories that play the spectating mind as a video game. In fact, his sound very much resonates that of an 8-bit universe. Neonix is that very character, terraforming worlds into that of cybernetic landscape within the audible realm of the brain. In his new “THE LEE JENNINGEST” EP, featured via the Never Say Die Record Label, we are presented a new uniform amongst melodic and experimental concepts of the riddim genre, as well as conforming a unorthodox take into dubstep, in which we absolutely love! We are to premiering one of four tracks on the EP, and that track is “Hi 5“, so let’s topple right into it.

A mysterious ringing chirp bounces in a high scaling chord, arpeggiating forward as octave gradually rises. Pads clip quickly to almost instantly swoop downwards as a faint riser sweeps in to fill the space, compellings the drop to cue. We are quickly pressed into a valid arrangement of super tough riddim pumps of the drums. The primary sound is a signature amongst many riddim kings that scour the industry. That hefty, bubbly horn of a lead sound crunches along with the percussion, giving it it’s stomping attitude. A high knee inspiring ascension of sound is a proper statement for the way this track feels. The first drop body resides, continuing towards the chirp of the arpeggiator. A second launch into madness stunts off with the second drop. Much like the first in it’s character, this drop condones another layer to it’s echoing, beastly composition. The drums rattle out into the exit of the song, and it capitalizes it’s conclusion with many of the same elements at it had started.

Neonix’s presentation never lacks to carry a goofy aesthetic, but with an odd gratefulness that just absolutely smacks on the subs, and in talent of variety in sound. We always love the finer tastes of riddim things in this blog, and super ecstatic to see yet another EP of his change the course of the genre when it finds it’s light.

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