Many great talents see growth and prosperation. Many take years to find their golden pedestals to prosperity, some take merely moments. On either front, both take an incredible amount of talent and dedication to sound and process that takes quite a season of fine tuning, and aligning one’s full focus in all senses to properly outlet their craft. One of these astounding individuals who has made an impressive amount of gain in the industry over the last few years, is the mighty Jiqui. He has joined forces with the new found label, hosted by the electronic bass rock wizard himself, Kayzo, is Welcome Records. Together they bring to us JIQUI’s new “NIGHTMARE FUEL” EP!

To ignite this savage creation, is a collaboration with NVADRZ, the underground powerhouse also making insane advances in his production career. They send off the title track, “Nightmare Fuel“. Gritty pads forward, enhanced by surrounding chirp the reverberates subtly in the background. A fullness instills in the pads, adding more distortion, then gaining more space whilst accompanied by a stacking of drums, distributing in a war like fashion. Carrying much of that punk metal feel with this story worthy of an intro. A low tonal growling begins to softly verb, as pads vibrate outward with the hit of the kick. All synth elements hault, and an electric guitar tears across the track, with a heavy drum charge to accommodate. The drums go dark, and the guitar riff slows in momentum, as a swelling begins with imbedded risers and the kick growing in speed and weight. Build lets loose the drop, it sustains in detail of it’s song intro counterpart, then absolutely shatters into pure chaos. Both Jiqui and NVADRZ present such refined tastes from both of their crafts, almost in the most perfect way of sinister harmony. The lead sound is a massively distorted monster, that just shreads all existence of stereo fielding with it’s immensely loud tensity. A retraction briefly intervenes with the drop, resting in preparation for another launch into destruction. Subtle FX rattle off to fill a short term, and we are yet again ejected from the moment of low movement, back into the fury. This second part of the body much like the first, with a transitioning of vocal chops to provide some variance. A siren spins down in volume and time, leading to an exiting drum solo, in the most acoustic format we envision. Guitar climbing in sequence of drums, and then conclude.

In the next installment, Jiqui shows a new color of himself, presenting an unfamiliar genre much in the realm of half-time, melodic, disco funk? It’s hard to say, but the vibe shows a more mellow side of his artistry in the track, “Movin’“. Piano rings into a sampled soul verse, that calls for a sweep of chords taking room in consent of the lyrics. Drums begin to almost shape as a trancing disco pattern with a rapid rumble of the hats, and claps spaced every bar. Quickly rising with a roll of drums, it sends off in a massive reese bass grooving with an insane amount of room. Vocal chops extends and echo on the exterior of the reese. In gains some tranquility, and elements shave instantly. The second drop breathes to life, expelling a more tech house, jungle pattern, with insane experimental sound design. Piano slowly chimes again till finding complete silence.

In this final single, and track, in the EP, Jiqui shows off his Drum And Bass skills by bringing on his own universe in “Funk Faker“. A kick rallies the sound of a chorus, all harmonizing at a fatal minor note, bringing an atmosphere of immense darkness. Crashing of symbols snake along, with a very compressed kick to shunt some low end to the tension in growth. Posterior sounds glow in the foreground and background of the audible wormhole. Intensity begins to spark with shakers gaining in loudness, alarms screaming with the rise, and with the tumble of the drop, the mutiny in noise begins. Big reeses eat at the flow with chattering of a wet horn pumping along with the percussive flow. It takes a short transition to answering call of howling from the sound presented with the second half of the track. Bleeding into the third section of the body, we are familiarized again with how the drop initiated, but in rising octave of the chatter. Things begin to slow, and vocal chops deliver outwards in an echoing spiral, as all sound comes to stand still.

Jiqui found a nitch in Welcome Records home, bringing on genres we one, have never taken notice before, and two, gaining more traction in his interest of other genres outside of dubstep (ie, “Funk Faker”). This goal gainer has seen no sign of stopping when it comes to his progression. Always so thoroughly impressed by Jiqui’s insane amount of talent, and always ready for he is to bring next!

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