In previous times, our epic blog write ups pertained to a massive EP made by a true legend of a man whom holds a monumental renunciation in the bass music scene. It is the very man we all know and love, holding seat in the grand hierarchy of the Never Say Die Label, that man is Kompany. In his previous “Untouchable” EP, he showcased six tracks that all held their own significance in reflecting an insane progression from his music, and the direction in consistency and variety he provides in his creations. Now, we are delivered yet another successor to his success, that that gives other artists an opportunity to make an imprint in the path of Kompany, and that is the “Untouchable” EP (REMIXES). In this form, we will premiering the title track “Untouchable” remixed by upcoming heavyweight, Automhate.

Ambient, glowing mystery steers us down a path of preaching chorus, consumed by a radiance of shining pads, seaming together a wholesome shell that carries a weight to be launched. Almost instantly, chants cue to increase tensions ready to be expressed at their fullest. An echoing of a deformed origin from the sound traditionally used in the original track subtly cries from afar, growing size, and exposing itself in a hybrid fashion. Building to the drop, we begin to see what new form of life Automhate conformed in this new variety. Whipped into the frenzy in which is the pinnacle of the drop, a new pattern from the staple track is produced, showing more of a riddim flow, with a very hefty kick to snare pattern, and sound design being much more reverberated and punchy. Versus the Kompany rendition being more of a tension flow, being more in a relentless manner of energy, this remix sees more spaciousness and breathing area, giving both significant elements that set them apart are bangers in their own accord. Automhate’s approach definitely contains a stomping vibe, and reduces the intro a bit, as well as breakdown, but the drop contains a ton of substance in length and movement. Breakdown retains a new pattern as well, giving sort of that break beat style, more energetic and poppy in transitioning from drop to drop. The second drop lays waste as hard as the first, shuttering with that godlike bass pump even more gritty this time, and closing space between hesitation, just riding the intensity with increasing grip of the listener. Drop ends, and we are exited outward with the a slow volume reduction of the same epic chorus in the beginning.

Kompany did it right to have Automhate make move with the EP’s title track. It hits heavy, and is far different than it’s original, which we can very much appreciate. Their is a rack of other very incredible artists lined up in this Remix EP, and we are SO excited to blast all of them! So much talent that deserves a spot on an incredible platter of artistry!

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