After a long stage of dormancy, a lord of the underworld rises again to take back his stronghold with a mass flex of vengeance. Commonly known for his single release impressions that are spread accross the world, played across every festival and show, Zomboy comes in yet again with another hot and heavy banger he calls “Valley Of Violence“. Being the Prince of Darkness that he is, raining underneath the Never Say Die Record Label, this is the entrance he brings with the closing of this year, to bring anew into the following.

Chugging of a guitar encloses our full audible range, riffing with absolute dominance. Pads squeel in the distance, and the traditional Zomboy horror build takes in seed to gain traction for the complete mind alteration we are about to receive. String instruments certify their prominence with the intertwined movement of tension building, along with warhorns short to follow. A crash breaks like glass, enticing an alarm, with a tooth gritting distortion escalating with the roll of percussive elements. Drop excels with a screamo sensed vocal that shreds into that staple Zomboy sound we all crave. Growls and blasts of cannons ricochet about, making for a legendary call and response of endless voices, preaching into chaos. There is nothing the Prince of Darkness does better than fill the room with hectic energy that protrudes complete cataclysm into a defined form of sound. First drop ends, transitioning to the war horns, then reversing back into intensity with another build. Into the next, a familiar sample is used (we will let you recognize for yourself), and a new energy, with the same violent intentions, takes foothold, smacking the sound barrier with unspeakable force. Manic movement resides, obstaining to shuttering violins, maintaining the haunting flow of this track. Elements begin to collide furthermore, reintroducing our curiosity to another build. This third drop, much like the first, containing an insane amount of pent-up recklessness, obliterating cognition completely. The primary sound leading to nearly the end, and the raging vocal chirps one last time, coming to close.

Zomboy never holds out with his classic presence. Always bringing what we expect, and fiend to hear. A true pioneer that holds no hesitation to completely fill up every last space of stereo mapping, to bring the fullest in sound and experience. Cheers to the man for closing the year in his own fashion.

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