Hence forth comes a young talent unlike any other, whom resides in the lands of Australia. Up and coming and always rifling off song after song, all gaining in progression without resistance, comes the heavy hitting, bass music prodigy, Leotrix. In this reveal, we open up his new masterpiece with the Never Say Die Label, the “Reload” EP.

To set this play by play off with the track “Good“. Wonders send off into a majestic aerie noise, pronounced with an emotional melody, very much leaning into a euphoric energy. Soul filled vocals pan inwards and outwards, enthralling the atmosphere. Drums chime in, washed over with a white noise, almost in a Lo-Fi styled method. The drop slams unexpectedly, with a girthy, grungy lead sound, accompanied by massive subs. Trailing in percussion, we hear sort of riddim flavored pattern. Breakdown begins with a higher tonal frequency, chirping in a brilliant set of chorded melodies. Lyrics echo again, with the base elements. Second drop plays in, matching the first, just as filthy. The higher tones come back to finalize the tune, and close out subtly.

Onto the next track, Leotrix strikes again with his profound riddim sounds in “Replacement Dub“. Claps and hardy hats burst into the intro, with a gurgling layer of foley charging in flow. The bubbling one shots tick on louder, with chops of vocals making room in the mids. Vocals transpose into the build up, beginning to stomp with intensity. The drop smacks with full riddim dubstep force! Staggering with a pre-drop, and going straight into that spectrum morphing noise that Leotrix famously makes. Chomping away like an angst monster, the punches of the kick and snare share all the same justice as this superb sound design. Breakdown sums down quickly, popping off with unique projections, and chopping with the vocals yet again. Pumping up in build up yet again, the second drop proceeds. This drop relative to the first, hencing all the energy just as intensively. End strikes suddenly, and reverberates out.

Coming in sequence next through the list, is the title track, “Reload“. A deep mid-low movement vibrates, opening up and phasing into a fashionable drum pattern, riding onto a future rattle of a harmonic arpeggiator. With a faint sweep, and a mild rise, the drop presents itself in a melodic riddim fashion, mustering a cyberpunk fashion of atmosphere to its sound. Leaning toward a pop forward rhythm, we see an uprise of major notes sweeping this song towards a realm of euphoric essence. Leotrix always crushes it when it comes to exaggerating so many different sounds with an insane entanglement of flow. A breakdown stunts the tension briefly, reiterating back to a carbon copy of what the first was, with a more rapid arrangement of noise fluency. In this secondary body, design is put through many tests in various forms, remarkably capitalizing this artist’s capabilities. Exiting quickly, the final clap reverbs out to establish what is the conclusion of the track.

To top off this EP, the fourth and final track is introduced under the title of “Can’t Sleep Alone At Night“. Building gradually from the go, we hear many glowing, pretty elements reflecting into a beautiful aesthetic, setting up for a melodic release. Rising softly, it drops into another future riddim/color bass form of track. This seems to be a trend which Leotrix does so well, and appears to take a heavy liking to, in which we are fully here for it. Lyrics echo in the mid-range, influencing the energy of the song, with so many harmonic elements sending the tracks image of sound into the cosmos. Both drops share similar complexities in range of sound use, and the conformity of groove. Concluding on a final chirp of the lyrics, the song ends.

We love the fact that Leotrix was our launch into 2022 for coverages, let alone it being an EP fully locked and loaded with pure craftsmanship, in which we would suspect nothing less from the young prodigy bass god. Excited to see what else awaits us this year for this year of Leotrix releases, going to be undoubtedly legendary.

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