When the supernatural conform into our modern day technology, fusing with what we know to be artificial intelligence, it simulates a world of unlike interests, creating visions and sounds beyond human cognition. Hi I’m Ghost and WYD! are the two entities we speak of, combining their meme like influences into their collaborative project, “SHEESH“.

Riding off into an ominous darkness, high pitched pads squeel to paint a spooky ambience, with war drums clanking about in the background. “I came to get down!” preaches as a vocal to pump the intensity, cueing an alarm used to set up the build, charging up. Snares climb up, as many risers stack on, with another heafty triangle snare layered over. It drops, sending massive sounds of heavy tear out styles of design, with a hybrid mash of a riddim drum pattern. Definitely fitting to the accent of a creepy, machine like digitized noise, very much complimented by these artists. Drop retracts quickly, shoving into another build. Filtered out pre-drop smacks, floating about with a deep sub, and then fires off into a full spectrum of the secondary release. Carrying much of the elements in the initial, the energy holds on tight, chugging away on the headbanger mentality. Ending, the songs title vocal yells out to the exit, bellowing “SHEEEEESH!

“I was with Hi I’m Ghost at Lost Lands this year and being able to watch them play it out there was insane! The crowd was hella into it and I even verbally screamed SHEESHHH!”


Always inspiring to see artists making their come up give attention to those in the underground, putting in their work to make a mark, and diversify musical talent as we know it. Hi I’m Ghost and WYD! completely gave their all in this track, and it shows on the highest tier of sound projection. Very impressed by how hard this song smacks!

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