REAPER is back with the hugh new tune “XLR8“, recently released on Bassrush Records. If you’ve been around here for a while you know we have been absolutely vibing this awesome artist for a while and had a chat with him about 10 tracks that molded their sound to what it is today! Check out the new tune below:

XLR8 is about how bodies in motion don’t only stay in motion, they easily accelerate AND inspire other bodies to move, ALL GAS NO BRAKES. If we’re all moving and dancing, we can become an irresistible and unstoppable force.


Since first releasing with them in 2020, the masked drum & bass producer has been constantly releasing jump up style stomping tunes. Based out of the US, the producer has yet to miss a beat and “XLR8” is no exception. With support from industry leaders such as IlleniumRL GrimeZeds DeadSlanderKayzo and more REAPER has just been delivering more and more.

Written as an homage to the dynamic between dancer and DJ, “XLR8” zooms in on the poetic connection that occurs when an artist is in perfect sync with the crowd, rendering them transfixed to the sounds rocking from the speaker stacks. The reiterated lyrics “If we keep it feelin’ alright // Imma light it up till we see the sunrise” drum this message home and creates a great backing vibe that continues super well into the crisp driving halftime drop. Striking a nice balance between growling dubstep and drum & bass the tune builds into a huge second drop that really brings the song home.

I’ll have this catchy tune on repeat and in the bank for the dancefloor for a while to come and I can’t wait to see what’s next from REAPER!

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