Residing amongst the vaste underground bass scene of Australia, lies two heavy weights gaining their turf in the scene. The hybrid trap slayer known as MVUNG, and heavy dubstep conjurer, NEOTEK. Both of which having really made marketable names for themselves, they collaborate on a girthy plate, that knows no resistance. This beast answers to the name of “Bring It“.

An alarming ring protudes the vibe of this track, setting off for a suspicious aesthetic, keeping spectators on their toes straight out of the gates. A melodic arpeggiator adds more personality, with inaudible yells shouting from the foreground of sound. Some retro, grainy pads reach out to add futuristic touch, shortly followed by charging claps to relish a growing excitement. With a massive tension build rising, the drop proceeds. Firing off a quick, compressed growl, the lead sound rapid fires in a shooting of lazers between segments of various planes of sound, all within a hefty, hybrid trap fashion. The growls really take prominence in the drop, differing in pitch every other segment, giving a masterful capitalization to the call and response methods of music. A short break splits the track, almost instantly running into the build, launching the next drop. Much like the first, similar elements are used, this time encapsulated in an overall tension that builds a mean to the approaching conclusion to the track. It ends with a sprinkle of the intro pieces, and drum rolls off into silence.

“Bring It” is without a hint of doubt, a banger meant for this life. Something we could safely say could be seen rinsed out by the ring leaders of bass music. These two came in hot, and chiming in a new era for producers to look up to.

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