The dark prince rises again to flex his might in changing the industry as we know, and he goes by the infamous title that is Oddprophet. The staple man brings us a new taste in bass music with his angelic, tear out flavor called “Angels & Blindfolds“. Hailing as a single from the kingpin record label, Never Say Die Records, this track hosts as a landmark for a ruthless, fresh left field style in extremely heavy dubstep, and we dove in deep.

A massive clarity of horns constructs the lead to this track, following with a sweeping, deep atmosphere to keep the fullness. Epic vocals chirp as echo to the build in character, silencing for claps to make their entrance. The claps stay consistent as volume raises, and the horns pick a new momentum with the sneak of a rifting guitar finds room in this tension filled verse. Humming of a lyric to send the drop quickly chops, riding into the primary sound design, absorbing the space, and chugging with that heavy metallic sound design. Signing in as a pre-drop to the drums, the percussion kicks off some bars in, and the whole tune hammers down with ruthless energy. Emphasized with some elements of the guitar riff to keep that heavy rock vibe, the drops breath in and out in succession, the second bringing on death embellishing speed. A break sustains the sanity for a brief moment, and the build initiates again with the intro elements, readying for the final round of this brigade of a banger. The third drop cues with yet another new pattern of the same bass design, spinning the body into a harmonic chaos. Percussive elements take reign above the mashing of elements, pulverizing all listeners alike. A grumbling sweep exits the tracks, with the crackling of tape to add a sweat foley send out.

Oddprophet never upsets, and writes a new testament of rules with every masterpiece he pushes out. It’s no wonder he’s ran a supreme position amongst the talents on the Never Say Die faction. With every single boggling the mind, we’re excited to see what this mans has up his sleeve next.

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