For an extent of time now, there has been an influx of bassmongers who have been breed to create the pinnacle of sound in the modern electric world, and times to be. In this case, one of the mighty horseman, Samplifire, teams up with the Disciple duo of chaos, Dirtyphonics. Both aliases coming from a long run of being the top tier in the music we know and love, it was only a matter of time until we earned a goliath of a track, in this case they call “Molitor“.

Immediately, in a profound Dirtyphonics fashion, a guitar riffs in the background, layered over to echo in a sort of panning sequence, slowly engulfing the sound space. Synthetic chimes chirp the intros growth in tension, quickly initiating an immense percussive shroud. With more emphasized sounds now into play, retaining added elements to it’s intended carry, we watch the beast transform. The drop forms after a short build, and takes heaving stomps to the audible area, completely crushing all tonal resonance. With obvious distortion styled sound design out of the influence of Dirtyphonics, and that puncturing percussive to sub relation, much in Samplifire’s reflection, this drop utterly destroys. Very much with the tear out vibes in this monster. The breakdown enduces a change of beats per minute, briefly flipping the entire template into a techno form of music. Quite the drastic front in attitude, but we’d expect nothing but glorious surprises from these kings.

In the EP, “What The French“, in which this track resides, Dirtyphonics took note of all four horseman of the great french realms, and absolutely sent it. This EP bangs from start to finish, and “impressed” doesn’t do even the most remote of justice, as to how heated this entire mastery presents itself.

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