Hailing from a land unfamiliar to the average beings, resides an artist who brings an unsung brilliance to the scene with ever changing rhythms, and a fresh perspective on bass music as we now know it. The face of this new found era goes by the name of Akeos, and today she henses a hefty tune called “Void Virus“.

Lingering into a dark ambience, a captivating entrance proceeds to swallow it’s listeners. A brief static interludes, raising onto intense claps, already hensing for something massive to show face. The low chorded arpeggiator sparks, adding to the haunting effect of this songs energy. Shortly into the mediated build up, the drop cues with sound of a deep, distorted vocal that sounds of the song title. With the crunch of a profoundly granulated, distortion kick, the body tips off into a madhouse of a hybrid trap style flow. Incorporating multiple left field lead sounds to add girth to the scape of noise, this drop is unmatched by essentially any other song even relative to it’s kind. Carrying a lot of that signature Akeos noise through and through. The breakdown short comes to a decrease in volume, setting off yet another rise to what comes secondary. The next drop hits, with higher force in tempo, amping the tension that deafens throughout it’s entirety. After the explosive charge of the second drop, track leaves off with that classic riddim punch of the snare, echoing to silence.

Akeos comes as a savage yet again, with her aspiring creativity. Always a pleasure letting the carnage encapsulate one’s ears when they present some fresh bangers. This is one of four insane tracks, coming from the “Flesh Garden” EP, releasing via Never Say Die’s heavy hitting label. Stay tuned for the remainder of this EP, because it will indefinitely slay.

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