With yet another ground breaking release of the final issue in what has been a monumental release. Dr. Ozi reveals the second part of his “Hive Mind” EP via the Never Say Die Label. In this edition, we are covering a powerhouse collab with The Sausages, hencing under the name “Legion“.

Firing off into a gritty, singlular dimension of sound, our atmosphere is put into place, holding on to the idea of immense wonder. The sound extracts itself from the depths, and gains in wideness, bodying into a new vibrance of worldly noise. Angelic keys, horns, and pads of many sorts begin to perspire, bringing a deep minor ambience into a sense of new life. A tight blip from afar sets off a downward sweep, cueing an acoustic sound of a foreign guitar. Ponding of muffled drums ensues, leading for the build. The drop quickly lashes out, giving an epic presence, and rifling a handsome combination sound design from both parties ruling this masterpiece. An immense chuggy lead sound, followed by glances of future riddim transients, making for a new world projection. All among the endlessly growing umbrella of heavy hitting dubstep. The breakdown carries some similar characteristics of the intro, but with some added shine over the top to sense a new concept of sound is approaching. Second drop ascends with a more popping energy to it, and presenting the essence of future tear out vibes. Percussion stomps away in pure heftiness, compelling the immense tension behind the this track. Closing out with that same guitar, the song comes to end.

Dr. Ozi and The Sausages unveiled a track of insane proportion. Paving way for yet a whole new ideal to dubstep writing, pushing the envelope ever so further. This whole EP smacks, and there is so much more to be offered. Another seven tracks of complete madness, looking to serve us all well as the release comes to life.

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