Kannibalen’s very own conductor of the symphony rises again to share a certified epic of audible story with organ master, and musician, Vladimir Cauchemar. With the combined power of these two, the dreary emotions and pungently dark vibes of the orchestra encase us with a whirlwind of feelings embedded to sound. They introduce their collaboration and video to enhance experience, “RIP“.

RIP” is a fine representation of the full journey enticed experience, along with a defining motive to really allow the organ, horns, string, and chorus of the song take the lead in this cinematic masterpiece. Heard on it’s own, there is a scouring number of dimensions the listener could take the tracks placement to. In the music video, however, it implants more of a message than a purposely deep visual to audio relation. It very much capitalizes on man’s greed, and how letting it grasp the better of them, the world will crumble. A topic I think we could all relate to, seeing that cash is king, and rules the very world we live in. All in all, the cinematic entitlement the song is made purpose for, handsomely compliments the visual projection.

Apashe always comes through with an adventure when it comes to releases, especially when he brings friends. It goes without saying, his marketing technique in the noir of rage, rebellion, and cold resonance are very much attractive. Such again with the pleasing of sound from the Kannibalen veteran, we are always rubbing our hands together in waiting for arrivals from this mighty sorcerer.

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