ALRT is back with a new LP “ORIGIN” out now on his label NRG Records. Released on May 6 2022, the artists debut album is packed full of 13 awesome tracks and expertly crafted from start to finish to create a great listening experience.

Irad Brant, the Israeli born artist behind the project, loves to blend old school ravey vibes with elements of house, hardstyle, dubstep and trap and recently noted that most of their inspiration comes from the ‘90’s core culture of the electronic dance music scene.

Poppin” a straight jersey club vibe tune with ravey overtones tune was released in April and gave a great teaser of what was to come on this album – it’s still one of my absolute favourite releases from ALRT.

Starting out with “Got Power” the artist jumps right out of the gate with some awesome plucky chords layering some energetic vocals, the song drops right into some speed house vibes. This energy keeps pumping throughout the tune with a pretty epic break build in the middle of the tune. Track 2, “The House Gets Warm” gives off off some classing house vibes, the vocals on this tune are accompanied by the lush strings and bass which perfectly sets the scene. Classic rave stabs get going in the build leading into a scratchy leady donk drop!

The whole album is fire but track 7 “Vanity” really gets me moving with the groove, sound selection, vocals and driving drums – awesome club tune.

Incessantly thinking outside of the box, and experimenting with elements of various genres to produce his token sound, ALRT exceeds modern-day music expectations. Recently launching his own imprint NRG Records, his debut album “Origins” is a landmark for things to come as he continues to meteorically rise.

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