The trap, dubstep, dance floor, combobulater of everything meme and EDM related returns again with a four on the floor, melodic bass style banger we can’t stop listening to. Eliminate pops off with heavy hitter label, NIGHTMODE, in a newly risen genre class of it’s own, smacking us with his fresh single, “Open Your Eyes“.

Open your eyes has been one of the most fun songs to play in my sets because it never fails to get the crowd moving.


Like the title of this track, “Open Your Eyes” has done that very thing in a surprising combination of drum patterns and change up tempo throughout the course of this tracks progression. Queuing off with Eliminate’s trend of chimey chords plucking away to build the scenario, and then entering an imaginary land of wide sounds to make the space more airy and wonderous. Heating up into those big room sounds, the drop hits with that four on the floor hit we’ve been waiting for, with some housey tones to compliment. Lashing back into a more spacey vibe, we are brought into his typical dance groove he creates to fill in the blanks, keeping tension on a steady, while the body moves to every millisecond of the beat. Charging back up with a drawn out arpeggiator, there is no lack of energy building here, a second drop sends off. This time at a slower momentum and the melodic sense gains a touch in this segment, making for a cinematic outro. Finally, the track ends as it began, filtering out the chimes that brought it to life initially.

Such an immense track, full of question as to what is to come next. Definitely the type of movement a track needs to keep things consistently a surprise. Eliminate never hesitates to set the bar in splicing together new ideas such as this, and making it work all too well. Man is undoubtedly a master at what he does, and it’s also quite refreshing to see him teaming up with a largely up and coming label, that has their standards for the industry set on an innovative course. The future is now, and we don’t plan on missing any of it!

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