From the depths of left field entities, drum and bass enthusiasts, and the throne of musical gods lies one who you’ve may become familiar with as Feed Me, now retains a new alias. Spor hits us with a legendary release with the power label ran by the father, Deadmau5, in Mau5trap. This four track monster yeilds the title of the “Cave” EP, and it swoops into our audible domain with sound unheard ever before. We are incredibly thankful to have been gifted this art piece to share in listening with the lot of you.

Each track from the “Cave” EP speak on a darker tangent than previously heard onto the Feed Me alias. The power of Spor is immense and encompasses the artist’s true interpretation of the music they have had purpose in bringing all along. Combining the classical grit of drum and bass, future, left field, and melodic types, it contains so much diversity that keeps us consistently wondering what more could come around the corner at any minute. From enticing, haunting melodies, so majestic essences of gorgeous, audio landscapes, this voyage is relentless.

Of all the tracks, the one found to stand out is “Throw Down Let Go“. It combines a lot of harmonious elements, whilst staying in a minor key that gives it a dark ambience that dances well with story it portrays. Very much a track most any music lover can catch a vibe to, almost reaching as far to really capture some commercial influences deserving a position amongst heavy hitting radio played out bangers. This song is a killer and deserves it’s recognition.

Spor came back tough in this new EP. Quite statement being pumped out of the Mau5trap label, it takes some serious talent and cultivation as a producer to reach such a standard. Thoroughly impressed with this intense return EP. Excited to see what other labels, collaborations, and other crafty content comes from this new wave from Spor.

Connect with Spor:

Connect with Mau5trap:

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