After a long resignation from releasing music, KEPLER comes swinging back in action with A Records in the new EP, “Resurrection“. This is a new found collaboration with self in combining the artists forms through talents in 3D Art and music, giving the ultimatum in a visual audio experience. The brilliance in this new EP is found through the social marketings of it, really touching on the essence of taste KEPLER brings in the meaning of this fresh art form. We will be covering this via blog writings, but be very sure to check out this artist’s social platforms for a full interactive experience, because it is truly something to behold.

Leaning into the audio side of the “Resurrection” EP, this is a haven for heavy dubstep and tear out lovers alike. The sound design in each track is deep, dark, and punches every audible wave the human brain could consent to. Dipping into the listeners anger and rage fueled adrenaline receptors, every drop in every moment of the songs taps into the nodes that will send you to the void of expressional energy to the absolute fullest.

Off the bat, KEPLER introduces the title track of the four piece banger as “Resurrection“. It encapsulates the definition of this EP with an epic entrance of an intense symphony and grand chorus. Building up and leading to the monumental drop sound design KEPLER aims to consistently carry throughout the tracks. All bundled into just shy of a two minute track, this intro packs a haymaker of a punch.

I’m back with a new phase of my project so there comes the EP “Resurrection”. Before I took some time off I was tired of just releasing music without given anything extra to my followers… I didn’t wanted to just keep making “empty” release. That’s where it came the idea to combine my two forms of art. My music and my 3D art, there’s where I found that extra I was looking for and where wanted to take with my project. I wanted to tell a story to the people, with both music and visual art! So I started working first on the music. Cinematic ambiences, heaven and dark sound. My whole project essence on my music! I wanted to get myself a character that represented me on the video so I created the “Key Boss”. It would tell the story of this sort of “apocalyptic” world where the “Key Boss” would control everyone’s mind in a sort of “hive mind”, during the video the “Key Boss” is getting stronger and more powerful…


In the following three tracks, it’s overall explanatory to say it’s some of the most grimey in the game when it comes to tear out styles. This entire EP is not something to sleep on, and on par with the big leagues. The collab with Jeffsua is whole a entity of it’s own, providing a beat pattern that is beyond it’s own league, a total left fielded style that crushes the reality we’ve ever known to define dubstep.

It’s safe to say KEPLER put a lot of dedication and emotion into this comeback release. Coming from the underground pushers at A Records, there is no room to doubt it was meant for greatness. The heart is put fully into this, and it shows. Go stream it up for the full experience on all release platforms! KEPLER is back and ready to wreak havoc in the ever developing bass music scene!

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