Rising from the fires and laying waste as one of the most praised up and comers making his way through the ranks, Perry Wayne strikes again, but this time in collaboration with the Gud Vibrations label. He bombs us with the almighty “Embers” EP, and it’s locked and loaded with the meanest, most hard hitting dubstep we’ve witnessed in some time.

From start to finish, all six tracks that come burning alive from the “Embers” EP bring back a lot of original vibes we traditionally picked up from Perry Wayne when he initially set foot into the bass music scene. His origins lie with the heavy, tear out styles, and this EP brings that back, more advanced and progressive than before.

Embers“, “Inflict“, “MOSH” ft. BLUPILL, “Omnifarious“, “RavePunk“, and “Ride or Die“; titles of said tracks featured in this gargantuan work of art, bring out a mighty tension that will bring any and every crowd to life, and intending some extreme damage in the pits.

There is a similar sound design spread across each track, and very much evolved from that in which we’ve heard from his recent Subsidia releases. The differential could be seen to be intended, because the lads at Gud Vibrations have let Perry Wayne unleash his full, unfiltered fury upon the type of music he makes purpose to impose upon the masses, and it is nothing shy of godlike.

To sum up the “Embers” EP, the fullness in sound is astronomical, the low end is earth shattering, and the character is that of some hellish entity that brings carnage on a cataclysmic standard. There is a reason Perry Wayne has been trending so consistently within the dubstep scene, and this new EP speaks miles on the type of music he continues to bring to the table. We hope to see more releases like this out of such an artist, because it keeps us happy and raging (in the best context)!

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