A mighty, multi-genre, and bass music magician sweeps hus audible conjurings upon our ears yet again with a fiery sound of melodic genius. Releasing on a plethora of labels, DOIL comes to us loud, proud, and punctually via the Subsidia kingpin with his new track, “What I Do“. This young inspiration has dabbled in so many different forms of music amongst the EDM persona, that his reaches went as far to touch upon a more harmonious approach that qualifies the ranks of the “Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 6” compilation. Let’s take a detailed dip into this heartfelt entity, and give you the intimate radiance we absorbed from such a colorful piece.

Ringing off with palatable pluck of guitar strings, this track begins as any solidarity vibe should. Softly pushing with a faint riser, the fabricated vocals come into play, singing with wholesome intent of holding onto a heart, and coddling it in a warm compassion. Low end pads rest in depths, slowly expanding the space for a mid range electric guitar relevant synth to make way, challenging one another in sequence and creating more hearty emotions. A short drum build slips through until the vocal chant pronounces the drop. Crashing through the existing space, dual growls of chiming aggression release a mountainous reese bass, glowing in full glory, accompanied by a swing of hollow one shots that surround any listener of it’s full character. Transition occurs partially through the drop, developing more rapid one shots, and seperate melody that hovers with the primary reeses. A short tap of the toms releases our grasps, falling into the breakdown. Briefly exchanged into a pause, another stack of the drums leads towards an oncoming secondary drop body. This time our breath is pulled from our beings with a whispering, aerated glitch that catapults us into a more atmospheric context. Still holding onto it’s heavy dubstep composure, this part of the track allows the percussion to reign supreme, giving it’s lead sound design time to rebuttal. A continuous sequence of complex noise interchange throughout the song, keeping it’s audience on their toes with every terraforming transition. After the relentless activity of the second drop concludes, our tensions are alleviated into another breakdown, cycling back to the same vocals that had initiated this whirlwind of feelings. More elongated this time, the break rallies itself into a third and final drop. This epic ending shines in all it’s touching motives, letting the future sounds of color take lead. With vocals chopping in a sway throughout the drop, this part of track brings every element of purpose together as a whole. In concluding, the guitar that began let’s us off in euphoric bliss, and “What I Do” comes to closing.

It’s no surprise this elegant track was picked up by Excision continually impressive label. DOIL knew exactly the motive for this song, and delivered all the appropriate elements to bring our feels to life. We take our hats off in respect for yet another incredible piece of work by the young talent.

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