In collaboration of two legendary artists, hailing from the realms of dubstep, hardstyle, house, and every dance genre in-between, come Nitti Gritti and SayMyName in their duo, SAYMYNITTI. This heavyweight duo has made their names known separately for some time, laying waste to a magnitude of festivals and shows. They come together now to present us a fresh pressed monsterous house/trap hybrid track via the HardRecs label, influenced by meme culture, going under the title of “BING BONG!”

Bing Bong has been the biggest bass house record in my sets this year. I’m super excited to release it as the debut track for the SAYMYNITTI with my boy Nitti.


We’ve been working on this project behind the scenes for a while, and I’m so stoked to finally release “Bing Bong” and debut the SAYMYNITTI project. I’ve been playing “Bing Bong” out in my sets since late 2021 and it smashes every single time.


Channeling with loose party swag, the thump of house kicks, claps, and a squeaky snap of a vocal press this track right out of the gate. With a subtle chime, the famous “BING BONG!” meme audio resonates, cueing distorted festival horns. Collecting power on it’s climb to release, the build charges up to it’s full flexed drop. With precisely the pound of punch we were waiting for, the stomp of house crunch begins. Even amongst it’s comical standing, this track meets all our fantasies of a crowd pleasing banger. Going into a rapid transition, the drop does a unexpected transition to rattle up into a trap slam. Imagining a rapid fire of laser sounds that keep our feet popping. Sliding suavely into a break, the meme chanting begins yet again. Soaring us closer to the climatic finally, we prepare for the second drop. With this climax, our hearts are graced with the house vibes yet again, with a climbing reese in the background, raising our tensions until the very end. Silenced upon a kick and a large horn, we are left appalled and in awe.

It is safe to say we wouldn’t expect anything less from the minds of SAYMYNITTI. Both artists known for their joyous and silly personas, releases tracks of many domains. This one is without question a certified festivals pleaser, that will have any crowd shaking the ground with immense bounce.

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