The quake making duo, RIOT, and our bass habibi, Soltan, have come together to team on rendering a new era of music culture with their new heater, “Arabian Knights“. Emphasizing the use of Middle Eastern cultural instrumentals, the collision of acoustic and synthetic forms of sound creation makes for quite the agreeable differental, meshing worlds in the most pleasantly, aggressive manner.

Arabian Knights” cuts right to it’s incentive in the beginning, harmonizing a number of string instruments, plucks, and singular female soprano coursing in briefly. A short drawback of tape slows the track flow, and is then punctured by the kick of percussive elements the now take lead. A battle between flutes of a sort and strings call and response between space amongst the pound of drums. Elements begin to charge as samples rush and warp to new audible ends. Stacking on the drums, tensions rise, and a vocal cue sends off the drop. With a wobbly, hard hitting, distorted kick and snare dub pattern, the drop vibrates throughout our stereo depth with chunky undertown, and a class act sound design that represents both artists handsomely. Retaining a traditional dubstep state of sound, this track reels us back to a more classical era of bass music by design. Coming with a motivating swing, this track yields a consistent flow, and solidarity in manipulating the lines of tension. A transition is made mid drop, introducing another layer of sound design, one projecting more of a tear out method with it’s hallowed out, metallic pop that resonates from that subgenre of bass. Lastly, the track finishes as it had begun, finalizing with plucks, strings and those staple flutes.

Soltan and RIOT graced us with an unsuspecting, yet also much needed collaboration. It’s only even more of a reputable bonus that it be released off the legendary GUD VIBRATIONS Record Label. The innovation is real and this song, and the utmost impression in how such experiments come together so well.

Connect with RIOT:

Connect with Soltan:

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