Hailing among the European powers, there is a country that houses many a great talents. France has had a reputable influence in the bass music industry, breeding heavy hitting to underground talents for almost a decades time now. To be more acute, we look towards the label, DubstepFrance, and their newly released compilation, “French Monsters Vol. V“.

French Monsters” is a series that has encapsulated up and coming artists in the French demographic for some time, this now being their fifth installment. Always introducing fresh talents have deserve some lime light for their efforts, and what innovation they bring to an ever growing culture. In this article we focus on one of the many songs that stood out to us, and that is “Squirt Bass” by AZABIM & ROISVCKS.

Do not be thrown astray by this track’s name, for it may sound broad, and that of a Serum synth patch, but it describes an incredibly unique and purposes this track for precisely what it is. It’s built in the classic layout of a riddim track, but takes on the essence of sorts in a tonal pitching that has the listeners interest all over the place. Quickly differing in speeds of tempo, and method in sound, this track flows with incredible depth in the most fun and entertaining ways. It’s use of samples is classic and strategic in it’s build, well suited for the vibe in tends to bring. Overall leaning to a lighter side of riddim, unlike it’s many relatives, dipping into the more grittier tones, and darker aesthetics.

French Monsters Vol. 5” has a lot of unheard talent to take ear to. We loved the entire compilation from start to finish, and it was no easy task in selecting a track to feature. Also, take note of the other compilations DubstepFrance has represented, a lot of these artists have climbing followings with so much art to present. Without a doubt, France is drastically becoming a hub for artists and shows pertaining to bass music, and especially that of dubstep. We are very much excited to see how this community grows and what incredible contents comes of it!

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