One of our founding fathers and all time idol to many Western American based producers and DJs has coming swinging again with a monumental dual part album that covers every point if pleasure an enthusiast of bass music could ever ask for. Bear Grillz features the “Prismata” album, which is split between “Prismata (DARK)” and “Prismata (LIGHT)“. This project is lead to be an evolutionary step for the long time heavy weight producer Bear held reputation to be. In previous album releases, we’ve seen him stage pieces of of persona per each one, shedding off an era, and stepping into a new.

Launching from his young, impactful label, Rude Service, it’s safe to say the release of “Prismata” is a hefty showcase of Bear and his associates as a combined force, featuring an impressive list of collaborations both from well seasoned individuals to up and coming wave makers in the bass industry.

Prismata (DARK)” holds true to Bear’s longevity being a heavy dubstep influencer since the dawn of the genre. This first side alone is essentially an album all on it’s own with the heaving track list coming out of it. You can see the projection of gritty, low end, minor essence all these tracks have, absolutely dipping into the void of bass that represents tear out, dubstep, and riddim styles. “(DARK)” is entirely compiled of collaborations (except the intro track) by the names of OG Nixon, Hairitage, Spag Heddy, Hi I’m Ghost, DOIL, Jessica Audiffred, HIRIE, IVORY, Kompany, YDG, Muerte, and Jiqui. All of these producers are extremely well known to this point in the more aggressive areas of the industry, and if you weren’t familiar before, well it won’t take much to get you on the bandwagon of understanding why this talented bunch would make such a scene with the Colorado King himself!

Prismata (LIGHT)” is the more euphoric sense of energy that Bear has dabbled in bringing to his alias for some time now. More melodic types of music made their way into the scene a bit later as the bass game developed, and he’s been one to pioneer for quite an expansion of time now. With plenty of heavy influence in “(LIGHT)“, the harmonious perspective is a fine balance amongst the album(s). This rack of tracks is compiled of singles and collaborations, ranging from the most complex of music producers such as Crankdat, Vastive, L8NCY, and Dani King. In the tracks considered singles, Bear features some of the finest vocalists and assists in these masterpieces under the names of Becca Krueger, Luma & JT Roach, Danni Carra, Leslie Powell, Boy Apocalypse, Monika Santucci, and SOUNDR. “(LIGHT)” is a nice, icey addition to succumb the fires of “(DARK)“, appealing to all demographics, so don’t go without matching the two and finding appreciation in all that is to be offered.

Prismata” is a supreme and elite form of bass music. It’s a respective milestone fans and artists can look up to alike in appreciation to how far Bear Grillz has come in his journey, let alone the scene as a whole. We appreciate this art piece as much as we appreciate the man himself, and we have a high confidence you will resonate with such emotions just as well.

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