A man of the French Forces of Bass Music, Dr. Ushuu, hits us with a massive self released EP, known as the “STARS” EP. The riddim lord himself comes at us with an evolved version of his vision through the influences of a more melodic sense. Every track enlightened by his signature style, but all with unique differential amongst each track.

The “STARS” EP features three very in depth tracks, “Nightmares“, “Stars” and “Orion“. Each one containing vibrant, galactic atmospheres and touching on a more emotional vibe. “Nightmares” dips into a lighter aesthetic including beautiful vocals of deep feelings pertaining to distraught. “Stars” insinuates on a lighter tone, on a much more optimistic note. Far more upbeat with an encapsulating vibe that sets the listener in on a euphoric quest of their own when they take hearing. Lastly, “Orion” starts off on a journey through a harmonious bound, and drops into the puncturing riddim structure we know Dr. Ushuu handsomely for.

Dr. Ushuu wavered none when creating this EP, you can feel the embedded emotions personified in each of these incredible tracks. The story told is quite a feat to take wonder towards, and we are so happy it could make it to the ears of the masses. Enjoy this world he has curated just as much as we have, excited to see what more he pumps out in the given future.

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