Yeilding from the underground in the grittiness that is break beats, trap, and a fine cocktail of multiple genre mixtures, comes Yoxide. The climbing artist who has seen releases through a plentiful amount of groundbreaking , up and coming labels, releases the new single, “For You“. This track exhibits a hybrid genre of loudly distorted trap mapping, accompanied with a sort of hyper paced nuerostep form of bass music.

For You” rattles off with an epic chime of a symphonic chorus, internally building in with heart strapping vocals, capturing the atmosphere of the songs definition. With a short introduction of purpose, the track falls into a towering build, in which formulates the drop to come. Slamming into the body of chaos, henses a drop unbound by any cognitive being, wrenching utter harmony and unfathomable creation in sound differential. This is where the neurostep and trap emphasis really comes into play with Yoxide’s primary goal in creating this track. The fine line of emotion contorted with reflection in music is uncanny, bringing on the most with it’s loud design and flowing ride with the it’s percussion standards. A breakdown ensues, unraveling in what the intro had proposed before, riding back into a similar drop as the first. All in all, this track starts and finishes repeating it’s propulsion as needed, and then landing softly to allow the listener to recourse their trained idea of how the song tends to flow, which is absolutely flawless.

Yoxide is an up and comer that dabbles into a genre that is digging it’s way into the bass scene, becoming massively popular through some other larger names. We respect this move, because the advancement of what we love is endless and ever evolving. Excited to see what this individual continues to strives for, and what else he introduces to an ever expanding industry.

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