Once hailing as the dark overlord of tear out and deeply metal influenced bass designs, Tengraphs establishes a new form of being with his new alias, ALTAYR. Today, we are dipping into the premiere track by the ALTAYR label, called “DREAM CHASER“, and dissect the energy he brings with this fresh take to music. This track is also in collaboration with artist SARIND, an up and comer in the more melodic side of bass music. Let’s take a dip and see what technical bits we can take from this new development to be.

From the go, “DREAM CHASER” sets off into a melodramatic atmosphere, somber and emotional with pungent piano chords and gentle flow of pads to set a scenario. Rifling with ease, stems a radio frequency too distorted to understand, slipping gently towards the lead vocals. After the title lyric punctuates, a flute takes point, accompanied with the speed of light percussion elements. Climbing foward with a build, layers are pulled in and out to exert tension, shortly introducing a more future sound as claps begin to stack upon each other. Kicks begin to roll, leading to the drop, falling into a pump of a dubstep rhythm an electrical wave of lead sound design. The sound design pertains to almost a melodic side of riddim, while also retaining a hard structure the is heavy bass music. As development continues, the sound becomes more distorted and gritty, with angry, yet sad intentions. Assuming to be a more agile BPM, this track drags out with a nice spacious setting between bars to tell a substantial story of eccentric emotion. In the transition period, mid-drop, a tough, reese bass takes hold, conforming an aggravated energy within it’s body. Tumbling quickly back into subtle, minimal characteristics, the break unites us yet again with low feelings. Building yet again as done before, an octave is brought down, readying for what may be something even harder to come. Coming in with the second drop, a more trap tone is in setting, protruding higher chords and extreme harmonics. Once again, the transition slings back with that reese bass, showing off those Tengraphs roots we all know and love. In closing, we are showered with the beauty of the vocals and chords that brought this whole track to life, coming full circle.

If you know anything of Tengraphs, this intro track to ALTAYR is a story of himself from start to finish. Digging into the emotions he has experienced since his come up. We won’t go into detail of this artists story, but there is plenty of sources that will explain via media platforms. He is not shy to being fully vulnerable with his family, and we do find a lot of respect in that. If dabbling in what a true artist feels, this is a fine new breed to look into, and we are excited to see what other tracks come from ALTAYR, and how they progress with “DREAM CHASER“. All in all, an absolute masterpiece, and we are stoked to see what else he forms with this new take towards music as a whole.

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