The cryptic undertaker who has been climbing the ranks through the underground and making a puncture on the world of bass music comes at us again with a very spicy drum and bass tune. Rebel Scum, a long respected persona of producers who has been making milestones like no other, hits us with his new track, “Hieroglyph“.

Drum roll sets off in that high drum and bass rate, clicking lightly to make room for a load of elements. Right away the filtered opening of new percussion sifts in along with the rhythmic chirp of vocals. Tappering off, pads assimilate, gripping us forward towards an intense energy. Whirling into a build, intensity trends towards the drop. It hits, fluctuating the deep, tense sound design, bringing us those hefty UK drum and bass vibes. Completely nostalgic in construct, this track is setting to be a mighty show banger. A body mover for sure, the classic tones of this track brought on from the OG vibes is remarkable. The second drop really sets on the pump, very well put together in filling the space and making every second worth the attention. Closing with a symbol and a crash, the lead vocal echoes out.

Rebel Scum came at us with the utmost in energy with this one, showing off his true potential in musical variety. A legend to be undoubtedly, and we are here for all of it! Excited to see how this artist progresses and unveils what more he has to offer to the world of bass music.

Connect with Rebel Scum:

Connect with Let The Bass Get You:

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