The father who never dies and holds tride and true to the bass music industry, never yielding to challenges brought before him, and conquering every stage of music with loads of talented background. Zomboy rises again, this time in his own realm, THE Rott N’ Roll Records drapes it’s claws over the world, a well deserved blessing we have all been waiting for. In introduction to his new found label, he self releases “Dead Man Walking” Part One. This compilation entails four brand new tracks by the man himself, one of which being a collaboration with an old alliance, MUST DIE!.

First off, the intro track, “Dead Man Walking“, ascends with a western styled introduction, setting the mood for an absolutely, well appropriated send for something epic to all ends! After a long awaited tension build, the metal vibes take hold. Jamming with the piercing vocals of revival and vengeance take charge, establishing a monumental charge into his opening ceremony. The drop body slams us into oblivion with that Zomboy sound we are known to be come so in love and accustomed too, never old, and forever ahead of it’s time. Chugging away in complete chaos and rage, the wall of death is a visionary we can put all together in our minds, and watch the madness ensue. This man is borderline the master of everything we bass off of heavy dubstep, tear out, and riddim all combined into one hardened, dark beast. From beginning to end, this track embodies the god that Zomboy is, and the most perfect introduction that has exceeded all expectations to how he would bring on his new label and opening song to this set of new music.

Desperado“, the second track of this goliath, came to life a short while ago under a “self release” from the mans. It hasn’t aged a bit being revived via the Rott N’ Roll umbrella, not that it had stood for long before, but it is definitely another perfect title that takes a meld of genres Zomboy shows his talent in. Incorporated with that classic sound design, but this time within the blueprint of a house track. Completely legendary from beginning to end, if you haven’t heard it before, go give it it’s well deserved attention on the labels music media page on any streaming platform.

Flatline” is considered the third on this stack, another previously “self released” track. This one features vocalist Micah Martin, and it brings on those heavy metal vibes we would expect in Zomboy’s production. We won’t go too deep into this one, because it’s getting it’s second light regardless, but very much worth every second of listening. It’s interchanges, variance, and diversity is completely nuts to wrap one’s head around, with unmatched leads in sound.

Lastly, “Last One Standing” is the collaboration with entity, MUST DIE!. These two artists have collaborated for years, since the Never Say Die days ever came to be, and each track developed together some of the most impacting music known to the industry. This new product of theirs begins with harmonious vocals, emphasizing the track title, under a belting vocalist. Surfing in with a wash of future chords and arpeggiating parts to fill it’s space, intensity rises gradually to it’s ultimatum. The riser cue in, raising every cell across our bodies to it’s threshold, readying for the punch of the drop. It hits, and yep, it’s more delectable that we could have imagined. There is something to said about the combination of design by both Zomboy and MUST DIE!, because generally when we hear two artists work together, the audible difference in each one’s sound can be deciphered. In the case of these two, they combine their skills to make one unique world of their own, no differential, but a unified being creating it’s own protrusion into the world of music. These two could literally have a duo alias, and it would utilize this design that would staple it’s brand. But better yet, we get their seperate conglomeration, and it is glorious from every angle. Back to the track in itself, it configures it’s elements so ambitiously, the turn out could not be formulated by any other talents. This mastepiece is something other worldly, and the fact that we could be graced with such a thing is beyond our recognition, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Dead Man Walking” Part One is unlike anything we have ever set ears upon, we wouldn’t expect anything less of Zomboy. Rott N’ Roll Records is fixing to create massive waves amongst the electronic music industry, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it climbed to be that of Subsidia of Disciple standards. Rest in peace Never Say Die, Zomboy is lighting a new torch under his own reign as the Prince of Darkness, or better yet, The King.

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