Hailing from lands unknown, comes crawling to the surfaces with a dark aura to encapsulate the world in a new definition. The hard driven up and comer known as FRANTIK hits us again through the realms of DISCIPLE, presenting another compilation rendition, “Round Table Reinforcements Volume 3“, with his new track, “Killer Space Whales“. We’ve seen his presence in previous DISCIPLE works, and they did not disappoint, so let us bare witness to what more this young prodigy has to offer.

Killer Space Whales” from the beginning sends us into a retro world, with evil ambience to post the setting. As arbitrary pads incorporate the energy the atmosphere reduces to minimal movement, with an echoing radiance calling in the foreground. A build charges up with a slow stomp of the kick, but risers filling the stereo space to smack us with the utmost of energy. The drop claps into a hefty undertone of sound design, gritty and sub satisfying as ever. With vocal chops riding between the correlation of the kick and snare, the tension release to this monster is a whole new breed of it’s own. Riding out for the long game, this drop gracefully decends in pitch with no transition period, keeping the listener on their feet the entire time. A breakdown makes room, alleviating the flow, then shortly accumulating elements to form a second drop. The second phrase of this track is quite similar to the first, but with an underlying reese bass to uplift each set of sounds. The impact it leaves is mass chaos and purification of heavy bass. Quieting down to the chimes of what appears to be the whales this song titles as, the track comes to a close.

FRANTIK is undoubtedly one to keep on any bass lovers radar. We’ve had a stern following towards this artist for some time, and his come up has been so humble and entertaining to watch. Looking forward to this DISCIPLE compilation to make it’s full form, as well as seeing where FRANTIK takes his talents in such a progressing industry.

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